Tiger Woods of MMA

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His name is Drake Dudley.
This kid is a prodigy; amazing technique at a young age. I don't think MMA is for everyone & and especially have mixed feelings about kids competing in MMA at a young age. Drake is exceptional. There are pankration events in CA that have kids divisions at 7 yrs old. I think 10- yrs old would be a better age to start pankration rules, depending on the maturity of the child.

7 yrs might be okay for grappling like these kids.

Training at 12&13.

A great vid of him rolling with another kid. This is how to roll if you want to develop beyond your A Game. (See this great blog about getting better at grappling.
Another impressive little dude.

Steve Forbes survived vs ODLH. No one was expecting him to win and got dominated but from what I've read he made a good showing for himself.
Training vid Shows a ton of combos on the mitts.

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