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Awesome No Gi Seminar (32 min) by Roy Dean on leglocks, armbars, head and arm chokes

His name is Iron Mike Zambidis!

Funny stuff - "Get Wrist Control!"
Monty Python - Self-defense vs attacker w/a banana.

Aoki vs JZ II - De la Riva Guard and Rubber Guard in action. Carni attempt. Bravo teaching the Carni

He hits a few Carni's in this clip demoing Double Bagger, a new RG position.

A serious brawl- Manhoef vs Bonjasky, swinging for the fences, nice short vs tall match up.
Manhoef vs Cyborg - all-time great brawl, a really life Rocky IV, unbelievable chins and heart.

Roy Dean on teaching BJJ to children
Headlock escapes - My first MMA class at Team Quest I learned escaping head and arm and headlock with framing. I won my 2nd fight by framing to escape a headlock right into an armbar.

Matt Horwich teaching a triangle and a ninjaplata, kind of looks like a peruvian necktie. With his socks and clothes on he looks like some dude chilling under Burnside Bridge.
Matt rolling

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