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Fight Lab 44: Ft Bragg Army Base MMA Cage Fights

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Isaac Artis vs TBD

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Isaac Artis Vs. TBD
Fight is scheduled for 3 rounds (3x3x3)
Name Isaac Artis No Headshot Available
Height 5′ 10″ (177.8 cm)
Weight 135 (61.23 kg)
Record 0-4-0
Record 52-12-1


Fight Lab returns to Ft Bragg Army base to entertain one of the greatest fighting forces in the world !!! For sponsor info contact Kenny Letts For info on how to fight on the card, contact Michael Allen on Facebook by private message. For tickets, call Sports USA 910-907-0739 or your favorite fighter listed on the card.


Holding a ticket does NOT guarantee access on base. Unless you hold a valid military ID, you must go through the current routine background checks at the welcome gate entrance at the All American Expressway entrance on base. Please come early and bring valid photo ID (Drivers License) and proof of insurance for vehicle. You will NOT be granted access on base if you have a felony on recored or more than 3 misdemeanors or if you have a current warrant for arrest. No refunds on tickets purchased if you can't get on base due to your own mistakes in life.

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