Anderson Silva Training Rich Franklin


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explodingboy site profile image  

5/10/09 12:58 PM by explodingboy

Damn right he isn't. This is a great move by Franklin.

CRE site profile image  

5/10/09 12:49 PM by CRE

Wanderlei isn't as intimidating as he used to be

crazydave site profile image  

5/10/09 1:17 AM by crazydave

Smart but he will still loose.

aikmanr site profile image  

5/10/09 12:44 AM by aikmanr

Great move by Franklin, makes sense for both of them. As for his fight vs. Wand, Franklin takes it. Wand doesn't have the height to hit Franklin with knees. Rich by TKO in round 2.

ballet of violence site profile image  

5/10/09 12:30 AM by ballet of violence

 Im totally a wand fan but i feel franklin takes this.... at this stage of the game, ace has the tools and composure to make this look easy but if wand gets inside and lands some bombs...stranger things have happened....

mishto chuckles site profile image  

5/9/09 11:59 PM by mishto chuckles

 The bromance is strong with these two,  Anderson is on Franklins nuts hard though i think he feels guilty for taking his soul... or maybe just maybe he is up for some jungle fever man love.

RockForLight site profile image  

5/9/09 11:21 PM by RockForLight

^ :)

G-Hands site profile image  

5/9/09 10:13 PM by G-Hands

 great pics & great representation of how noble the sport can be...  THAT is a reflection of MMA, not the douchey scenesters.

owlfeeder site profile image  

5/9/09 8:31 AM by owlfeeder