Erin Toughill Offered Cristiane Cyborg Fight

According to Toughill's agent, Ken Pavia, she has an offer on the table to join Strikeforce's stable of female fighters. "While we're weighing all our options, Strikeforce is a very attractive one," Pavia told FanHouse. Toughill was originally offered to fight Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos on the April 11 Strikeforce card, but wanted a little more time to train for one of the best female fighters in the world.

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MountainMedic site profile image  

5/14/09 4:10 PM by MountainMedic

 "what's worse: not making weight & killing someone OR making weight and not looking your best? What are your guys' thoughts on that?" its a catch 22 for sure. but the bottom line is did you do what you said you were gonna do? its harder for the girls to walk away cause its just harder for them to get fights in the 1st place. I agree that gina has not really tried and takes advantage. it should be on the AC to enforce this, not left to promoters to pressure & backroom these fights into happening. Gina shows up way overweight and knows the fight will still happen. would she take the fight if she came in 5 over but her opponent came in 10+??? be interesting to find out. the ultimate solution would be for girls to fight in realistic wt classes. but thats just crazy talk-MM

HuntingtonPUNK site profile image  

5/14/09 4:00 PM by HuntingtonPUNK

Erin, have you ever considered training and fighting for Greg Jackson? At least for your camps? Maybe fighting Gina or Cyborg will get a payday worth the cost of training with a camp like that, I know it would benefitGreg Jackson isnt all that far really and that team generally fights with a style already similar to yours.Gina's camp is Couture and your sparring with these guys here, kickboxing over there and all that, your camps should be equivalent

HuntingtonPUNK site profile image  

5/14/09 3:54 PM by HuntingtonPUNK

Hitman, Everyone should agree with your post but lets not forget Erin did make 145, I beleive she weighed in at 144, so she is a Professional about the whole fat girl situation thats been Gina's failure her entire career so far.I think Gina's camp knows when they sign their fights, Gina will not make weight, she doesnt even sweat it or set out it camp to make weight, she knows when she comes in heavy her opponents are still going to fight and it makes her the bigger fighter everytime out. Fighting Gina is giving these girls the biggest paydays theyre going to get, so theyre not going to decline the fight when Gina comes in heavyI've seen all these girls in person: Erin, Gina, Cyborg and Erin is clearly the biggest and she made 145, so theirs no excuse for Gina, she just carries a lot of bodyfat and fights a food addiction, as everyone knows before she started training she weighed over 200lbsAll 3 of these girls should fight each other at 150-155Congrats Erin, your the face of womens MMA, since the beginning!and Erin, have Pav push these 2 fights for you, you've earned the notoriety and paydays theyve already been getting.

Erin Toughill site profile image  

5/14/09 3:32 PM by Erin Toughill

And Melissa, you were @ my Feb PFC fight with Tanya, right? We had a catch weight of 148, and even those few pounds I felt so much better! I came out and let my hands and push kicks go, and got a TKO win in 2min. Those few pounds can really make a difference!

Erin Toughill site profile image  

5/14/09 3:28 PM by Erin Toughill

I WILL fight @ 145 if I have to. I think 150 is better, but that's not a weight class. I am just saying, in ten years of professional fighting I only JUST started big time weight cutting in the last 6 months. It's new to me, and over these last 3 fights it has been a great trial and error seeing how MY body responds to acute and chronic physiological conditions. Like I said before: keeping your weight down in between fights is crucial so that it's easier to make a bigger cut. Its like dieting all year round lol it's not THAT easy. I recently had my body fat tested a few months back in the Bod Pod, and I was 16% BF @ 5"10 and 170 lbs. If I had 25% BF, I am sure it'd make it easier to take the weight off. Its just hard when you're already low. So now I ust tweak my training/dieting even more so that I can start preparing for the lower weight drop. Ill just have to lose the muscle. It's funny because if I did NOT make weight, and smashed Emily, then I would still be getting shit about how I "could not make weight", and how unfair it was because I outweighed an opponent. You're damned it you do, damned if you don't. I am not sure what's worse: not making weight & killing someone OR making weight and not looking your best? What are your guys' thoughts on that? That goes for any fighter, male or female. Rox and Rosi, I think you guys normally fight 135, but can do 125 also? And yes, how do you think you would feel fighting @ an additional 5,6 or 7 lbs lower?

maximusmgt site profile image  

5/14/09 10:24 AM by maximusmgt

Erin is good people.And I know she would never duck anybody. Would be a great fight with Cyborg!

wreckker site profile image  

5/14/09 4:13 AM by wreckker

 This would be a huge fight for womens mma and Erin. Erin has paid her dues,  to step up on a big stage and face cyborg she should have a chance to be her best. Time to get conditioned and ready for 145 along with training for a tough opponet.  As a fan and a fighter I want too see fighters that are prepared and ready to show their best in the ring.

Rosi site profile image  

5/14/09 2:30 AM by Rosi

But you could make 125? Maybe? Oh, go on, you know you want to :)

CRBMoney14 site profile image  

5/14/09 12:51 AM by CRBMoney14

We need Gina/Cyborg already

walr?s site profile image  

5/13/09 11:38 PM by walr?s

 no it isn't. she tucked it, when they offered her Cyborg.