Wanderlei Silva Wants to Put Money on UFC 99



"I go to knock Franklin out. I have trained so much and Rich won't last two rounds. I think it is good Anderson has been preparing him. I hope he is also on the corner..."

"If Anderson believes in Franklin so much, bet U$ 50,000 and let's see who takes the money". Wanderlei said.

Wanderlei expects a victory over the former middleweight champion and after that he wants to prove to everybody he is the man to beat The Spider up.

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Type1 site profile image  

5/18/09 12:46 AM by Type1

franklin will knock him out and dana will retire wandy

Ensanity site profile image  

5/17/09 9:38 PM by Ensanity

I was thinking the same thing but thats only a snippet of his training. He probably sparring with lefties.Hell, maybe that was to help Werdum and Herring out and not so much himself

colesdaddyismydaddy site profile image  

5/17/09 9:37 PM by colesdaddyismydaddy

i like both guys, but my heart is with wanderlei on this one.

ophusker site profile image  

5/17/09 9:33 PM by ophusker

I can't agree with you on the part about Liddell. Chuck had lost his last two fights going into that one and Wandy is the only guy Chuck has beaten in what his last 5 fights. So I don't give him credit for going toe to toe with Chuck and getting beat at the point he fought Chuck. Chuck's slide had already started even before the Rampage fight. When we saw him on a morning TV show barely able to form a complete sentence I had a feeling he wasn't going to be the same again. As Randy said a long time ago before his second fight with Rampage, Chuck was in his late 30's and partying like a rockstar sooner or later it was going to catch up with him. What we saw with Chuck and Wandy was two former great fighters past their prime. It was a great and entertaining fight but neither was championship caliber anymore. The fact that they were fighting each other just made it hard to see that. It's been pretty evident since and I think it will once again be evident when Franklin beats Wandy.

Stoatbert site profile image  

5/17/09 9:12 PM by Stoatbert

Rich by KO, round 1.

ChokeEmOut site profile image  

5/17/09 8:57 PM by ChokeEmOut

 But if Rich gets clipped with anything, he is going to sleep!

TheSweetScience site profile image  

5/17/09 8:48 PM by TheSweetScience

I think as long as Rich keeps a safe distance and uses his reach to time Wand coming in with those big loopy punches, counter with the straight lefts he could take this.

MikelMorbid site profile image  

5/17/09 8:46 PM by MikelMorbid

Man, Wanderlei if nothing else, is awesome at promoting...

nobones site profile image  

5/17/09 8:33 PM by nobones

I think they're fighting at a catch weight of 190 lbs.

ChokeEmOut site profile image  

5/17/09 5:37 PM by ChokeEmOut

 Where have you been? This fight was always set for 195lbs