Mousasi Challenges Vitor to Catchweight Bout


"I cannot make the weight, otherwise I would have continued to fight at 185 and not given up my DREAM middleweight title," Mousasi responded. "I cannot make 185 anymore and that is final."

Belfort's refusal to fight Mousasi at any other weight besides 185 pounds has created some controversy considering his previous campaign to fight Fedor Emelianenko at heavyweight. Mousasi expressed some confusion regarding Belfort's recent change in philosophy.

"I am very surprised that Belfort was willing to challenge Fedor at heavyweight yet it unwilling to fight me at a catchweight," he said. Mousasi then went on to issue a compromise challenge.

"If (Belfort) does not want to fight at middleweight, why not fight me at a catchweight?"

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Recent Comments »

EKPOGI site profile image  

5/29/09 12:59 PM by EKPOGI

yupt.aside from Anderson,Mousasi imo is 2nd best in mw.Vitor will lose to him @185,and itll just ruin is current streak.

wild celtic site profile image  

5/29/09 12:29 PM by wild celtic

And Alistair is sidelined with a bad hand injury

wild celtic site profile image  

5/29/09 12:27 PM by wild celtic

Mousasi can make 185 no doubt. He is however in the process of moving totally up to heavyweight. He doesn't want to be cutting anymore.Belfort talking of fighting Fedor for big $$$Gotta fight at like 195.The winner is going to be touted and placed in front of Fedor.Do it at 195.Fedor gets by big Josh - Who's left if he doesn't go to UFC ?AA rematch, or a new challenger, namely the winner of Mousasi v. Belfort.Clearly should be fought above 185 if Belfort is legit about wanting to fight Fedor

Kansas Comet site profile image  

5/28/09 12:58 AM by Kansas Comet

Mousasi is better than most of you realize I can not wait until he gets Stateside to show his prodigious talents. Half the people commenting didn't even see Mousasi go through Manhoef, Jacare, Denis Kang and now Hunt who had like a 50 LBS weight advantage.Here is praying Belfort accepts a Catchweight Bout. They have both fought at 185 through HW; Catchweight is not an issue, Belfort is seemingly trying a clever way to back out of the fight, which would be a shame both fighters have been hot lately and would make for a very interesting fight.

Kneeblock site profile image  

5/27/09 11:03 PM by Kneeblock

 Vitor is playing this very smart, imo.

inf0 site profile image  

5/27/09 10:58 PM by inf0

Vitor at 185lbs is a monster. .. Lets see him fight Aleksander and see if he still wants to be a HW after that. Or hell, even Buentello.  

lcarus site profile image  

5/27/09 9:45 PM by lcarus

Catch weights are farily ridiculous imo .Unless there is a major reason for the fight to be at a catch weight i.e lack of opponents, bad blood between the two then etc then its pointless

The Sundance Kid site profile image  

5/27/09 9:38 PM by The Sundance Kid

If I were Vitor, I would offer to fight him at 190 and would go no higher than 195.

Daddy Dragon-CountryBoy'd Me site profile image  

5/27/09 9:34 PM by Daddy Dragon-CountryBoy'd Me

 Exactly, as opposed to fighting Mousasi.  One is THE Legend, the other is Mousasi.

hubris site profile image  

5/27/09 9:32 PM by hubris

moving up to fight Fedor is a no-lose situation for Vitorhe loses, no big deal, he wins - well he has a puncher's chance - that's massive