Franklin, Davis, Silva, Hardy comment on Kimbo

by Michael David Smith | source:

"I think that given Kimbo's track record, his history, where he came from and his performances so far, this is probably where he should be," said Rich Franklin, the former UFC middleweight champion and onetime Ultimate Fighter coach. "They're putting him on the show because he'll pull in ratings, so from a business point of view that's probably what they should do. I think at this point in time he doesn't deserve to come to the UFC and fight, he has to earn his way on The Ultimate Fighter. That's the way it should be."

"It's either going to really expose that he really wasn't prepared for MMA at all, or if they have easier opponents in there, if it's not such a tough class, he'll come out of it looking like he's a killer," Davis said. "Definitely, I think he needs to go through something like this before he fights in the UFC."

"It's good because he's an exciting fighter," Silva said. "I like his style. He's aggressive in his fights. He's going to be good for the UFC."

Said Dan Hardy "The Ultimate Fighter has always been a good show to watch for the surprises and the strange stuff and I think Kimbo Slice in the house is really going to stir things up and make some interesting fights."

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 Wand is the man.

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6/2/09 4:28 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 do they have a metal thing in the backyard of the tuf house?

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 love him or hate him, i want to see him fight

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Wandy loves him.