Tom Atencio Interview


The VP of Affliction Entertainment talk to FanHouse's Ariel Helwani about putting together "Affliction: Trilogy," what's in store for Affliction's future, his own upcoming MMA fight, and his ongoing feud with UFC president Dana White.

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GNPfan site profile image  

6/5/09 2:28 AM by GNPfan

I like Tom, I wish him nothing but luck and success! He's good for the sport, always does a good interview.And I agree, Ariel's taking over!

RickyDerouen site profile image  

6/5/09 1:10 AM by RickyDerouen

ttt for affliction

annihil8torz site profile image  

6/5/09 12:14 AM by annihil8torz

 I agree.  Why would anyone want Affliction to go under?  They have good cards.

TheClips site profile image  

6/4/09 9:44 PM by TheClips

Nice vid. Tom is a cool mofo. Everyone should buy his damn PPV and keep his ass in least all those who bitch about Dana White, that is....

GIJOEjiujitsu site profile image  

6/4/09 8:57 PM by GIJOEjiujitsu

Tom who?

HITMAN FIGHTGEAR site profile image  

6/4/09 8:56 PM by HITMAN FIGHTGEAR


hubris site profile image  

6/4/09 8:52 PM by hubris

I'd rather see Dana White fight Junie Browning

southsidesti site profile image  

6/4/09 8:50 PM by southsidesti

Tom should fight one of the UFC LW fighters... lets see Junie Browning vs Tom Attencio

vangor site profile image  

6/4/09 7:25 PM by vangor

They should go under after their next show.

Oddessa site profile image  

6/4/09 7:04 PM by Oddessa

^ are you 14 years old ? How isnt it personal. You act like Dana has never been in a fight in his life...   ...diff btwn this and The Dana video blogs is I actually look 4ward to hearing what Dana has to say. Tom is humble and  well spoken, but  no entertainment  there....zzzz