Big Nog postpones retirement for UFC title run

by John Joe O'Regan | source: fightersonly

Rodrigo ‘Minatauro’ Nogueira expects to retire next year and says he would like to end his career in Japan or Brazil - but first he wants to take another run at the UFC heavyweight title currently held by Brock Lesnar.

Regarding his loss to Frank Mir in his most recent outing, Nogueira says: “This defeat has postponed my retirement, I want to run after the belt.

“I want to be another warrior to help the guys to take this American hegemony and bring four belts for Brazil,” he explains in next month’s print edition of Tatame, outlining his belief that he and Thiago Alves can top their weight divisions in the near future.

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jongkiman site profile image  

6/12/09 8:39 AM by jongkiman

I would like Nog fight HMC in Japan before he retires

CindyO site profile image  

6/12/09 8:38 AM by CindyO

 ROFLMAO@ Honkey Kong!!!!! Cindy

junon site profile image  

6/12/09 8:32 AM by junon

well GSP is North American.

Ghengiseanie site profile image  

6/12/09 8:00 AM by Ghengiseanie

hegemony is the domination of one state over others, however in Sociology and Political Science it can mean of an ideology or religion. For example, the capitalist, globalisation, (sometimes called American imperialism,) of the world by American market forces (economic power)and "Brands" replacing indigenous cultures with their own consumer culture. Think queues for Macdonalds in Moscow, people paying for a "bag" of coca cola in the slums of Brazil. However, In some western countries Hegemonic influences are feared as "Borg like" (commie threat/axis of evil) external influences, such as Islam today for example. Basically he means theres too much domination of USfighters at the top. (Throughout the rankings not just the top spots.)However, given that MMA is still only developing in Europe, (although our UK lads are doing us proud in TUF,) its hardly surprising that the nation that has the best league/promotion/funding Is best at its own league. Not forgetting that it also has the "World Series" in which only one nation plays, lol. MMA is growing worldwide and eventually there will be a rtue reflection of whos best etc, ironically, because hte hegmonsiing influence of hte most powerful "state" in MMA (the UFC) will eventually create the funding lines for the development of talent, and will continue its meteoric rise.I think nogeuera lost against Mir because of his surgery to remove hsi scar tissue, and I think that Frank trained bloody hard and earned his win with an impressive display.

Zamiel site profile image  

6/12/09 7:45 AM by Zamiel

Doesn't sound like any time soon.

MMAinaCell site profile image  

6/12/09 7:30 AM by MMAinaCell

Forget USA & Brazilwith Kongo moving up the HW top 10Bisping only 2 fights away from a MW title shotRampage back in the LHW title huntand Paul Kelly movin to LWhow long before Wolfslair has multiple champions?

Sagiv Lapkin site profile image  

6/12/09 7:24 AM by Sagiv Lapkin

 Fuck......I like Nog too much to want to see him hurt by Brock or anyone else. This isn't good news IMO.  

BrainofPJ site profile image  

6/12/09 6:59 AM by BrainofPJ

if the mir fight is at all indicative of nog's current physical state, i would much rather he retire. watching that fight was the worst moment in mma history for me personally. he always fought so much on pride (not fc) that to see him lose like that was gut wrenching

PeterIrl site profile image  

6/12/09 4:10 AM by PeterIrl

LMFAO@Honkey Kong!!!!Think I've just pee'd myself from laughing, kudos good sir!I also nominate it as a new UG'ism!

YumYumPandaburger site profile image  

6/12/09 3:05 AM by YumYumPandaburger

Nog is American, have you never heard of South America?