Dana wants Rich Franklin to make run at 205 title

by ken pishna | source: mmaweekly.com

    "(Rich Franklin) is gonna fight (Mike) Swick at 170." That was UFC president Dana White's response at the post-fight press conference to questions of what was next for Rich Franklin after the former middleweight champion's unanimous decision victory over Wanderlei Silva at UFC 99 in Germany this past weekend.

    That comment was quite obviously made in jest, referring back to Swick's earlier comments that he wanted bigger fights after four-straight victories in the welterweight class.

    In all seriousness, the UFC president intends for Franklin to move right back up from the 195-pound catchweight fight with Silva and remain in the light heavyweight division. "We want Rich to stay at 205 pounds. He's gonna stay in the 205-pound division and take a run at the title," said White, addressing a class that has seen its title change hands four times in the past two years.


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jpm995 site profile image  

6/18/09 9:45 AM by jpm995

Hope your trolling CRE, no way Franklin beats Couture with a wrestling move. He might be able to pick him apart like Chuck did but no way does he take him down. Against Chuck he's facing a guy thats probable bigger than him with a bigger punch and fast hands. A few years ago i think Chuck takes it easy, now i don't know if he has enough left, especially if it goes to round 3. Rich's big edge would be conditioning.

Giorgos site profile image  

6/17/09 4:14 PM by Giorgos

actually Franklin would do a double german suplex on Randy, pick him up, a Rampage slam and then if he's not out he will step away to let him get to his feet and throw down a straight that would make him look like he is driving his Harley on his back.

CRE site profile image  

6/17/09 4:02 PM by CRE

I like that fight too, that or a fight with Randy. I think Rich finishes both guys impressively.I am pretty sure he would take Randy down with a body lock like he did Silva and on the feet Chuck would have a Shogun flashback.

jpm995 site profile image  

6/17/09 3:57 PM by jpm995

I know i get blasted for this but i would like to see him fight Chuck, i dont think its an automatic win for Franklin.

Giorgos site profile image  

6/17/09 3:52 PM by Giorgos

even at that weight there would be Nate, Bisping, Henderson, and possibly Rashad. He wouldnt be my first pick for that belt either...

akebh site profile image  

6/17/09 3:45 PM by akebh

LOL what?Cmon Rich would get murdered.It would look like Silva all over again.Machida would rearrange his nose again.The top 4-5 guys in 205 would destroy Franklin

AvAMajestic site profile image  

6/17/09 3:45 PM by AvAMajestic

Rich Franklin is a great fighter and was a great champion, but he's never going to be champ again, unless maybe they make a 195lb division.He would give competitive fights but most likely lose to Machida, Shogun, Rampage, Rashad, T. Silva.At 185lb he will never beat Anderson.He's had his day in the sun, he's still great and a tough match for anyone, but I just don't see him beating any of the top 5 guys at 205, nor do I see him ever winning the belt at 185 unless Anderson retires.Now, if they make a 195lb class and none of the best 205ers drop down to be in it, and Anderson doesn't fight in it for some reason, that could be interesting.

canuck34 site profile image  

6/17/09 3:39 PM by canuck34

lol, Machida is 10x better than when he KOed Rich, and Rich is pretty much the same.Sorry, but when Rich came into his second Silva fight and made it quite obvious that he didn't train on how to escape a thai clinch at all I wrote him off as anything more than a gatekeeper.

Giorgos site profile image  

6/17/09 3:25 PM by Giorgos

^just my opinion