Dream.10: Cro Cop vs. Mighty Mo

by Josh Gross | source: si.cnn.com

Less than a week after apparently snubbing the UFC for Japanese mixed martial arts promoter Dream, Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic has agreed to fight Siala "Mighty Mo" Siliga on July 20 in Saitama, Japan, a source familiar with negotiations for Dream 10 told SI.com Wednesday.

Aided by an inadvertent poke to the eye, Filipovic, 34, defeated Mostapha Al-Turk (6-5) midway through the first round of their UFC 99 fight in Cologne, Germany, last Saturday. Afterward, the popular Croatian striker, best known for capturing Pride's 2006 open-weight grand prix tournament and going the distance against Fedor Emelianenko, reportedly informed UFC president Dana White that he planned on signing a three-fight deal to compete in Dream.

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Zapruder site profile image  

6/19/09 6:03 PM by Zapruder


JohnMc site profile image  

6/19/09 4:07 PM by JohnMc

 This is as silly as Greasegate. Both sides benefitted greatly from this. Mirko got a paycheck and a win. Dana got a packed house for an otherwise shitty card.

droplogic site profile image  

6/19/09 2:38 PM by droplogic

I keep hearing this same stupid shit.  So is this the scenario you're talking about?  Fedor and Dana sit down for negotiations, Fedor asks for a 1 fight no strings contract, Dana agrees and allows Fedor to fight anyone in his top 5...Fedor leaves the UFC laughing and signs with Dream, you do realize how stupid this sounds right?  I'll continue with an alternative scenario, they sit down and Dana agrees to a no strings 1 fight deal, Fedor asks for any of the top 5 and gets denied, he's given some dangerous fighter with no face recognition in hopes that he's knocked out and exposed so Dana can say he's garbage, Fedor says fuck that cause he wants to fight the best and Dana grabs the first mic he can find, deepthroats it and starts trashing Fedor for refusing the fights they put in front of him.   FUUUUUUUCK YUOOOOOO IIIIIDDIOOOOOOTTTT.     Here's your mic Dana...

mikecard site profile image  

6/19/09 2:26 PM by mikecard

There's only one viable reason people can possibly be angry at cro cop...and that's the fact that Dana White will never again make concessions for another fighter, and we may lose the opportunity to see a great fighter in the UFC because of it

OmegaPoon site profile image  

6/19/09 2:20 PM by OmegaPoon


orcus site profile image  

6/19/09 2:19 PM by orcus

 "This fucker got what no man has EVER gotten from the UFC. A 1 fight deal!." Carlos Newton always had one-fight deals.

Oddessa site profile image  

6/19/09 2:17 PM by Oddessa

 joke of a fight

FootInFace site profile image  

6/19/09 1:54 PM by FootInFace

voted up, good post its really sad reading any Crocop, Couture, or Silvia threads and watching the internet goofballs with no talent coming out and spewing hatred towards champions of the sport

Dawkins site profile image  

6/19/09 1:20 PM by Dawkins

Don't get started with that noob crap. Just because you have been around along time doesn't mean everyone has to agree with you.

EvilMaster site profile image  

6/19/09 10:01 AM by EvilMaster

I guess most of the people who are supporting Mirko here don't have a true understanding of what the UFC is. Or how business works. ANYONE who says that it's a bad thing for Dana to cut a fighter who loses is just simply an idiot.If Dana didn't cut fighters who lost, the UFC would have a roster of fighters in the thousands all full of losers and shitty fighters and out of shape bums hanging around to collect a pay check. And we would consider the UFC the biggest joke out there.The UFC is the pinnacle of the sport. It is not a fighter charity organization. It is where the BEST fighters in the world meet to test their skills. Simple as that. And the only way to find out who the BEST fighters in the world are, is to put them in the damn cage and find out how good they are. If they suck...They get cut.If they don't want to get cut...Maybe they shouldn't suck.People supporting Mirko's screw job here are either noob fans, kids who don't understand the situation or people affiliated with DREAM. Bottom line...Mirko = Douche bag. Deal with it.