Jon Jones on Machida-"He's not Bruce Lee"

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What do you think of your weight class' new champion, Lyoto Machida?

I think Machida is getting a lot of hype, and I know he has lots of big wins over a lot of big fighters, and a lot of experience over me.

I don't think he's Christ; I think he's very beatable. They're looking at him and his karate like he's Bruce Lee. He's not Bruce Lee. He's very beatable.

I honestly believe that a great Muay Thai champion will beat a great karate fighter any day; it's been proven on lots of occasions. If Machida has (the belt) by the time I get to that level, I'll be ready for him. I'll have a lot of game planning and a lot of strategy ready. I want to be that greater Muay Thai fighter to beat a great karate champion.

I don't think Rashad Evans came with any type of game plan, but to look really cool or look really fancy, dancing around in pretty footwork stances. He really didn't come up with any way to beat him. I didn't see any of his strengths. I didn't see any takedown attempts or any straight right hands that are always good against southpaws or anything. He was just out there looking flashy.

I'm going to go out there and pull the trigger if I ever get to fight Machida. I respect him a lot, but I definitely think he's very beatable. I know I have a lot of time before I get to that level of fighting him, but when I do, I definitely won't be nervous or intimidated by him at all, and (I'll be) ready to fight him.

You come from a pretty athletic family yourself. Have you ever tried to get your brothers into MMA?

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imanari fan site profile image  

6/30/09 12:54 AM by imanari fan

Greg Jackson's gameplan, whatever it was supposed to be, obviously meant little in that fight.

Poindexter site profile image  

6/30/09 12:34 AM by Poindexter

I don't think it was intentionally a shot to the back of Bonnar's head, but in no way did Bonnar cause that to hit the back of his head.

Kirik site profile image  

6/30/09 12:28 AM by Kirik

It is a judgement call, but the rule to not strike the back of the head does not apply if the strick fighter moves his head in such a way that the back of the head is struck, instead of some other part of the head or face. I would say that Bonnar ducked slightly, and that if he hadn't, the spin elbow would not have struck the back of the head.  

inf0 site profile image  

6/29/09 11:58 PM by inf0

One minute he's saying Machida is no Bruce Lee and the next he's saying he wants to be Bruce Lee... I think he's watched too many Lee flicks or something.. let it go man

OneScoup site profile image  

6/29/09 11:55 PM by OneScoup

LOL @ comparing a UFC fighter to an actor.

Rickmassmma site profile image  

6/29/09 8:49 PM by Rickmassmma

 Most of you were missing the point...he never said he could beat Rashad or Machida...he said Evans had a shit game plan, which he did...and he said he doesn't think Machida is invinsible. He said he doesn't feel as though he's ready for Machida, but he feels Machida is beatable...not sure what's wrong with those quotes. I never understand the hate fighters get when they criticize other fighters. Thousands of people have said Evans had a shit game plan. I'm saying he had a shit game plan...that doesn't mean I think I can beat Rashad. I was screaming "SHOOT!!" at the fucking screen when Rashad was getting beat up. When fans say he had a shit game plan, nobody says anything, but another fighter says it and all of the sudden it's "fuck him, Evans would smash him!!"

D0N Johnson site profile image  

6/27/09 5:45 PM by D0N Johnson

how's his ground game?Machida by sub.

TheOtherWhiteFlu site profile image  

6/27/09 5:22 PM by TheOtherWhiteFlu

1. Jones is a crazy talented prospect. Brought along well, he'll be fighting for the title some day. Gonna be fun to watch.2. Machida is the champ in what was a super competitive weight class (LHW in the UFC)3. Bruce Lee's only tangible accomplishment was being a ChaCha champion. He looked good in demo mode but all we have other than that is bullshit stories of rooftop fights in Hong Kong.

J-LauFan1 site profile image  

6/27/09 4:32 PM by J-LauFan1

Bruce Lee is unbeatable LOL