Lee Murray Re-Arrested

by Mike Chiappetta | source: mma.fanhouse.com

Lee Murray's freedom was short-lived. The ex-UFC fighter who is one of the most wanted men in the UK for allegedly masterminding a $92 million cash depot heist in Tonbridge, has been re-arrested in Morocco following the hearing that refused his extradition.

"Lee was indeed rearrested right away, because the British Authorities did put [in] a formal request to the Moroccan Authorities to have him tried in Morocco for the alleged robbery," his attorney Abdellah Benlamhidi told FanHouse via email.

The Feb. 22, 2006 Securitas bank depot heist in Tonbridge, England netted a gang of thieves over £53 million, or the equivalent of over $92 million US at the time.

Five of the seven men involved in the direct raid have been sentenced for their crimes in the UK, while a sixth is still awaiting trial. Murray is the only one who has escaped the grasp of the UK legal system, which has spent much of the last three years trying to get Murray extradited in hopes of trying him under British law.

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zealot66 site profile image  

6/29/09 1:34 PM by zealot66

I went to CR 7 times you jackass. read the post, a person close to murray in terms of his fight career said this. Im not insinuating that the person knew anything of the heist jus that his behaviour had gotten more outlandish and was headed in a bad way.   

DJStudd site profile image  

6/29/09 1:26 PM by DJStudd

lol, and Lee Murray ?lol @ you guys lapping up the media lines from the police.nobody got hurt, that kid will now be the coolest kid in school and if the movie is a success he can life of this for the rest of his life.take your head for a shit, you bunch of fuckin pussies.

Misedukatd site profile image  

6/29/09 1:08 PM by Misedukatd

"During the raid the depot manager, Colin Dixon, his wife and their child were kidnapped at gunpoint by men posing as police officers. The family was told: "You will die if you do not do as you are told," the Old Bailey heard." "Speaking after the jury returned its verdicts, Roger Coe-Salazar, the chief crown prosecutor for Kent, said: "When you have a case of this magnitude it's easy for it to be romanticised like Ocean's 12 as a victimless crime. #robbery_step_by_step { float: right; margin-left: 5px; margin-top: 5px; /*width: 203px;*/ }"There is nothing romantic about a child being held at gunpoint by a masked man. This was a callous and highly dangerous crime."   http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/7199584.stm     

DJStudd site profile image  

6/29/09 12:53 PM by DJStudd

"No DJ, i dont have any proof that Murray threatened to kill a little kid, but it damn sure helps my argument if i insinuate that he did."

FedorsBadassFists site profile image  

6/29/09 8:29 AM by FedorsBadassFists

You fuckers need to grow some balls and stop whining like bitches all the time.

NorthFromHere site profile image  

6/29/09 7:37 AM by NorthFromHere

+1. Most europeans will agree with you.

pickula site profile image  

6/29/09 7:26 AM by pickula

Murray is wanted not only for robbery but also for kidnap - he (allegedly) took three people hostage, one of whom was a young boy. I don't know the boy's age, I've seen different ages in different articles, from 7 to 12 years old. As to whether Murray held a gun to the boy's head, I've not seen that quoted in any report but I doubt if he just politely asked the three victims to go with him. The three were held hostage in a farmhouse in Kent, south of London. All of the above has been widely reported both online and in the UK press, it's easy enough to find the information.

Sebastiaan site profile image  

6/29/09 7:16 AM by Sebastiaan

murray is just another example of morrocon criminal culture, fucking scumbags

bismanfightclub site profile image  

6/29/09 4:09 AM by bismanfightclub

10 years max.  

RaginRedneck169 site profile image  

6/29/09 4:05 AM by RaginRedneck169

That should be an interesting movie.Anybody know what kind punishments the Moroccan's hand out for this sort of deal??