Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone: Jamie Varner ‘is a fag’

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 Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone: Ben Henderson ‘is a worthy opponent’ and Jamie Varner ‘is a fag’

  “I kind of figured that (Ben Henderson) is who they would put me in against. I was looking forward to maybe having a rematch with Rob McCullough. Benson is definitely a worth opponent. He is a friend of mine which is the one thing that sucks. I have grown up fighting alongside the guy. I have no problems whatsoever taking the fight; I just have to go in there with someone I like. There is nothing bad you can say about that guy, he is just a real good dude. I will be in there 100% ready to fight though. I just won’t have the hatred in my heart like I would with Jaime Varner. Benson is a solid wrestler so I see him trying to take me down right away. I don’t see him wanting to stand with me. But you never know, it would be cool if he did. My takedown defense sucks so I am going to really have to work on that. If he ends up in my guard I will be busy going for submissions at every turn. Maybe Varner will come back in 2010 to unify the belt. But they might have to break his arm off and get him a new one. Can I add that Jaime Varner is a fag?”

Donald Cerrone confirms the news to that he is in talks to face his friend Benson “Smooth” Henderson for the WEC lightweight interim title at an upcoming event. Henderson has finished both his fights in the WEC and holds a 9-1 record overall. “Smooth” will be stepping in for an injured Jaime Varner who recently announced on Twitter that he’s still not ready to return to action because of the hand he fractured during his five-round war with “Cowboy” at WEC 38 last January. Cerrone revealed that he has re-signed with the WEC for four more fights and will look to make his UFC debut in the second half of 2010 — with or without a Varner rematch.

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EKPOGI site profile image  

6/28/09 5:05 AM by EKPOGI

he also did the mouthpiece timeout a bunch against Hermes Franca.

BryanHamper site profile image  

6/27/09 11:53 PM by BryanHamper

The going to the UFC comment was taken out of context, but he flat out didnt say he was a "fag". Either way, they'll meet up at a later date, and im sure it will be exciting!

Magnetic site profile image  

6/27/09 11:17 PM by Magnetic

varner respondsThe war of words between WEC lightweight title holder Jaime Varner and top contender Donald Cerrone are heating up, unfortunately the champ will be sideline indefinitely with a broken hand. Although his right money-maker isn't working, his mouth certainly is.After Varner announced on Wednesday that, due to doctor's orders, he would have to pull out of their highly anticipated rematch this September, Cerrone went on the offensive, indirectly accusing the champ of using his "broken" hand as an excuse in order to delay their mulligan."Maybe Varner will come back in 2010 to unify the belt," Cerrone sarcastically stated of Varner's unhealable hand. "But they might have to break his arm off and get him a new one. Can I add that Jaime Varner is a (expletive)?"Today, Varner fired back at the "Cowboy" on MMA Insider."I (expletive) kicked his ass for 5Rounds with a broken hand and a broken foot," stated an irritated Varner. "So I'm glad we're resorting to name-calling, you can tell he comes from an educated family. He definitely solidified himself as a true hillbilly. A classless hillbilly. And I look forward to stomping his face in again."Varner said that he's gonna go Urijah Faber with it sometime next week as he too intends to post pictures of his X-Rays in order to prove his right paw is indeed busted.In regards to the recently announced top contender/possible interim title tilt between Cerrone and Ben Henderson, guess who Varner is picking to leave victorious at WEC 43?"I think it's going to be a great fight, but I see Ben Henderson winning that one," Varner shockingly predicted. "Cerrone is just too easy to take down, and Henderson's a pretty decent wrestler. He's still a good wrestler, very explosive. He's also got great jiu-jitsu, trained with Alvin Robinson. He's a southpaw, so the fact that Cowboy likes to use his left leg kicks a lot, really aren't going to help him too much against that southpaw. I just see him getting taken down and ground out for a 3Round decision."Don't forget to follow on Twitter at

nyhcloyalty site profile image  

6/27/09 8:34 PM by nyhcloyalty

I don't think you can take calling someone a fag, out of context. 

BryanHamper site profile image  

6/27/09 8:32 PM by BryanHamper

Dont believe everything you read on the internet, Cowboy never called Varner a "fag". That whole story was taken out of context and he was misquoted several times...With that said, Ben Henderson is very tough, and Cowboy is already putting together a VERY solid camp with some top guy to prepare for this fight! Should be a good one!

tc2007 site profile image  

6/27/09 5:41 PM by tc2007

Henderson by sub

biggator site profile image  

6/26/09 3:04 PM by biggator

a fag to what? what is he a fag to?VTFD as usual JDildo

ruger007 site profile image  

6/26/09 3:03 PM by ruger007

Must be fucking hot in AZ cuz all your brains melted and dribbled out ya ear!

JDolo site profile image  

6/26/09 3:00 PM by JDolo

Can I add that you are also a fag.  

ohferfuxsakes site profile image  

6/26/09 2:43 PM by ohferfuxsakes

Is that the triple jump guy from the 90's?