Stallone: 'MMA has replaced boxing ... I'm a big fan.'

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Celebrity Fans Chime in on the Appeal of the UFC

You know you’ve made it when the stars of stage and screen begin showing up.for your events. But unlike the celebrities in attendance at other sporting events, who are there simply to promote a new film, album, or product, or to be seen by photographers, the celebrity fans who show up to see the UFC are just that – fans. And they’re as hardcore as it gets.

“I was watching back in the Dan Severn days and back when Royce Gracie was runnin’ things,” said Grammy-award winning recording artist Everlast. “Every UFC that I’m within a three hour radius of, I’m there. I love it.”

And despite the fact that the UFC is everywhere these days, most of these true fans were there from the beginning back in 1993. It was that first event that intrigued them and kept them hooked for the next 15-plus years.


Statements like that are common these days, and even an actor like Sylvester Stallone, who is so closely associated with boxing due to his role as the fistic icon Rocky, admits that they’re legit.

“I think it’s replaced boxing – which breaks my heart - but that’s a fact of life because there’s a certain kind of vitality and competitiveness and a willingness to gamble that a lot of boxers, when they reach a certain echelon, won’t, so yes, I’m a big fan,” said Stallone of the UFC.

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Magic8 site profile image  

7/4/09 11:44 AM by Magic8

 "But unlike the celebrities in attendance at other sporting events, who are there simply to promote a new film, album, or product, or to be seen by photographers..." Yep.  That's why celebs go to basketball and baseball games.   I mean they couldn't possibly go because they're actually sports fans...

NoPlacebo site profile image  

7/4/09 10:27 AM by NoPlacebo

Stallone has played the meathead angle to his great benefit but he's a very bright guy. He wrote all the movies that made him a huge star like Rocky and First Blood.

Gorgeous site profile image  

7/4/09 10:21 AM by Gorgeous


Steak Knife site profile image  

7/3/09 9:00 AM by Steak Knife

Blasphemy, and it hasn't replaced Boxing. In HIS opinion it has, I enjoy every boxing match that I watch just as much as MMA. I love Stallone's movies but I hope he wasn't thinking that because HE made that statement, that it is true...

Blazing Knees site profile image  

7/3/09 8:51 AM by Blazing Knees

Stallone rocks it.

Angelo Popofski site profile image  

7/2/09 10:39 PM by Angelo Popofski

Uhh. Stallone is actually pretty smart. You for making that comment... Not so much.

flesheatingbull site profile image  

7/2/09 9:27 PM by flesheatingbull

shallone is a very intelligent guy, no doubt. his reasoning is usually with logic.


7/2/09 9:14 PM by K-Dub-"T"

 Stallone is actually a much smarter guy than has been let on by his image.

Squared Circle site profile image  

7/2/09 7:37 PM by Squared Circle

 Rocky vs. Thunderlips was way more competetive. 

VicJenny site profile image  

7/2/09 7:33 PM by VicJenny

Rocky 7 based on Sylvia vs. Mercer?