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“I was managing a fighter named Scott “The Pitbull” Ferrozzo at the time. I got him into the UFC 8 tournament but in reality I had an ulterior motive for contacting the owners. I called Bob and I suggested he let me announce the prelims so I could show him what I could do. I wasn’t going to take no for an answer and I told him my tuxedo was already packed. I did the prelims on that card and then I announced the whole show at UFC 10. I then starred in an episode of Friends in which I played myself as the UFC announcer,” he recalls. “I called Bob while I was on the set and I told him we needed to talk and I explained that if people see me on Friends, which was the number one show on TV at the time, they are going to think I was the official UFC announcer, so I suggested he hire me. He did and the rest is history.”

Including the promotion’s upcoming landmark UFC 100 event, Buffer, who describes his unique style as being “equal parts Frank Sinatra, PT Barnum and the world’s best cheerleader” will have announced 123 events in the Octagon. An equally impressive statistic is the fact that he has worked for the organization longer than any other employee. Having turned 52 in May, he says he has no plans of retirement any time soon regardless of how physically trying his performances - which he maintains are much more than reading out names and statistics - can be. He says the fighter fake-out move he has dubbed “The Buffer 180” might be eclipsed by a newer, flashier move at the event July 11 that may blow the roof off the Mandalay Events Center in Las Vegas.

“I turned 52 in May and as far as I’m concerned, the way I work in the Octagon – whether it’s a Buffer 180 or 360, which could very well happen at UFC 100 – I can do this well into my sixties.

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Macedawgg site profile image  

7/4/09 2:42 AM by Macedawgg

 I just want to know if Bruce assigned all IP, including his tagline, to Zuffa, in exchange for 10% of royalties.  It is a great deal afterall.

Haywood Jablowme site profile image  

7/3/09 11:39 PM by Haywood Jablowme

 Please God and Baby Jesus, please let him pull off the 360 and let it be televised

AmericanPsychoMMA site profile image  

7/3/09 11:37 PM by AmericanPsychoMMA

I call him the Buffer.

Racer X site profile image  

7/3/09 11:23 PM by Racer X

If the UFC's camera director doesn't show Bruce's 180's in the hope that we might glimpse the possible 360, there is no God. Enough of the censorship, show Bruce's intros in all their glory!

AK-BJJ site profile image  

7/3/09 11:16 PM by AK-BJJ

Sorry but he's terrible...

Fite site profile image  

7/3/09 6:06 PM by Fite

ttt for bruce! cool read indeed

MMArijuana site profile image  

7/3/09 6:01 PM by MMArijuana

You better be.

cqjnell site profile image  

7/3/09 4:20 PM by cqjnell