Rashad Evans: 'Oh s***, Joe Silva is calling'

by Brett Okamoto | source: lasvegassun.com

The Matchmaker: Silva avoids spotlight, aims it at fighters

It's common knowledge around the UFC that when matchmaker Joe Silva wants something, he usually gets it.

But even Silva had to know that a recent request he made to UFC president Dana White probably wasn't going to happen.

"Joe called the other day and wanted me to fire (UFC co-owner) Lorenzo Fertitta," White laughed. "He said, 'Hey, we've got to get rid of this guy.' He was joking of course, but that's the way he is. When he calls, he's got an opinion, I listen, and a lot of times he'll get his way.

"And nobody is ever going to win an argument with him."

As ridiculous as demanding the termination of a billionaire boss sounds, anyone who has ever worked with Silva knows he's the one man that just might get it done.

But despite his high profile within the organization and notorious persuasion skills, Silva is an expert at staying out of the mainstream spotlight. He does not grant interviews and little is known about him personally.

Even White, who is pretty much the complete source for all Silva-related information, remains hazy on his background.

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KenP site profile image  

7/8/09 1:32 AM by KenP

One of our finer moments.  Joe enjoying some of Tracy Lee's libations and me well I shaved my head for a kindergarden girl with cancer, I over ate sushi the night before and was way bloated from the sodium, the camera puts on ATLEAST 10lbs, and I still manage to be this good looking.  Sometimes I just want to give myself a little kiss.  Oh and got to love the "wheres waldo" Goulet appearence in the background.    

john_d site profile image  

7/7/09 12:22 PM by john_d

i dont for a minute assume he would think you'd be serious!

Da Riddum site profile image  

7/7/09 12:13 PM by Da Riddum


flesheatingbull site profile image  

7/7/09 12:09 PM by flesheatingbull

he does a mediocre job.

useless site profile image  

7/7/09 11:22 AM by useless

Joe is the MAN!!

dennisv site profile image  

7/7/09 10:06 AM by dennisv

I remember that.

NHBDaddy site profile image  

7/7/09 9:28 AM by NHBDaddy

WE MAKE THE MATCHES HERE ON THE UG, Joe just comes here to get them and then get paid..... = ) right Joe?

Universl site profile image  

7/7/09 6:35 AM by Universl

k, so if he's the matchmaker, why do all the fighters get on their knee to beg for DANA to give them a chance for the belt? In reality I conjecture that Joe puts the matches together that Dana comes up with. I call b.s. on that job being the most difficult job in the business. I'm sure it has some stress related to it but let's get real here.

sureshock site profile image  

7/7/09 5:14 AM by sureshock

Can it be harder than training for a fight?If not, then its nothing to brag about.

Druskee27 site profile image  

7/7/09 5:07 AM by Druskee27

Seriously. I would love to scout fighters all day then match em up to fight!