HDNet Fights owner now a Zuffa bondholder?

by Robert Joyner | source: mmapayout.com

Cuban Now a Zuffa Bondholder

MMAPayout.com has learned that Mark Cuban is now a Zuffa bondholder. The size of Cuban’s position is unknown, however, being a bondholder has its privileges. In addition to potential financial returns, he now has access to Zuffa’s financial results. While he cannot make those results public, he will be able to closely monitor the company’s financial status.

Zuffa is a privately held company and closely guards its financial results. The most reliable information concerning the company’s financials have come from periodic reports issued by credit rating agencies such as Standard & Poors.

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mijo site profile image  

7/20/09 2:27 AM by mijo

Sometimes people buy Government Bonds. Doesnt mean the Government is broke, buts its a business just like anything else. Money is good anytime. Cuban is a genius! Always has been! I was working for a Golf Course here in Dallas, and he and some Mavericks were hosting it. Its funny the girl I was going to bang that night all of sudden couldnt stop talking about how cute Mark Cuban was, and how funny he was. Its called being a Billionare.

goku site profile image  

7/20/09 2:19 AM by goku

wikipedia is a dangerous thing

PrinceAlbert site profile image  

7/20/09 1:57 AM by PrinceAlbert

Depends on the class of ownership shares and more than likely Cuban saw this as a growing brand with decent returns in an otherwise chaotic market. Doubt he was playing secret agent here or else he would have bought through some entity and not gone public.

JCNovak site profile image  

7/20/09 12:37 AM by JCNovak

In addition to the rules of absolute priority, there are other rights that differ with each class of security. For example, usually a company's charter states that only the common stockholders have voting privileges and preferred stockholders must receive dividends before common stockholders. The rights of bondholders are determined differently because a bond agreement, or indenture, represents a contract between the issuer and the bondholder. The payments and privileges the bondholder receives are governed by the indenture (tenets of the contract).

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

7/19/09 8:37 PM by RyannVonDoom

 Why don't you explain it for us?

Tahiti Bo site profile image  

7/19/09 4:48 PM by Tahiti Bo

 wait a sec... how extensive do some folks think a bondholder's information rights are?

goku site profile image  

7/19/09 2:58 PM by goku

the SEC has minimal control over private companies...over zuffa, they probably have next to no control because zuffa does not issue securities

walr?s site profile image  

7/19/09 11:33 AM by walr?s

They needed it to build Fedor a stadium in Russia, so they can sign him to fight Brock on New Year's Eve weekend in Vegas, IMO.

MauricioG site profile image  

7/19/09 11:30 AM by MauricioG

lol, blaf is a f-level businessman lol

the_shrike site profile image  

7/19/09 11:21 AM by the_shrike

 designed and directed by his red right hand, imo