Agent: Anthony completely innocent of all charges


"It has come to our attention that an email is being circulated with false and misleading information pertaining to Mr. Anthony Johnson. On behalf of Mr. Johnson we would like to address this issue. On June 27th Mr. Johnson was arrested in Hayward California and was charged with misdemeanors stemming from an alleged altercation with an ex-girlfriend.

Mr. Johnson is completely and unequivocally innocent of all charges. These charges are completely outside the realm of Mr. Johnson’s character; he has no prior criminal record and has never been in trouble with the law. Furthermore, any assertion that the UFC played a part in posting his bail or in covering up the incident is completely untrue. Unfortunately, professional athletes are frequently made the victim of such false accusation.

As this has been a stressful time for Mr. Johnson, we ask that judgment is withheld until all relevant facts have come to light."

Ken Pavia, MMA Agents


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LiftStrong site profile image  

7/10/09 12:31 PM by LiftStrong

Yeah, I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but after those comments it makes me more suspicious.When I read those statements it sounds like someone with a learning disability got ahold of an Al Sharpton or Jonny C handbook. You dont need to add in words that describe something that is a given. "relevant facts"- no shit!

MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ site profile image  

7/10/09 12:24 PM by MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ

Sucks for Anthony Johnson, he probably is innocent and i hope he is, but something about Pav speaking for you just makes you seem likely to be guilty.

siouxNYC site profile image  

7/10/09 11:23 AM by siouxNYC 

Big Donkey site profile image  

7/10/09 11:10 AM by Big Donkey

Isn't that what every agent or lawyer says for their client when they get in trouble?And how would The Pav know? He wasn't there.....

JiuJitsuLifeMH site profile image  

7/10/09 11:02 AM by JiuJitsuLifeMH

3.5 mill...Didnt karma already bite Johnny Cochran in the ass for his part in freeing OJ?

FondledbyFisher site profile image  

7/10/09 9:49 AM by FondledbyFisher

"Mr. Johnson is completely and unequivocally innocent of all charges." "we ask that judgment is withheld until all relevant facts have come to light."" LOL!

disbeliever site profile image  

7/10/09 9:47 AM by disbeliever

Not saying anything is true, but is it shocking an agent or lawyer would say their client is "completely and unequivocally innocent of all charges"?