Kimo press conference video

by Kimberly Edds | source:

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Combat Vette site profile image  

7/23/09 10:43 AM by Combat Vette

Ok, the last time I heard someone use the words "you know" that much, I was in 7th grade.

Gabkicks site profile image  

7/22/09 5:41 PM by Gabkicks

holy shiznit.

Gnarly219 site profile image  

7/22/09 4:59 PM by Gnarly219

LMAO! I never thought of that aspect of it, but that's damn funny! VTFU!  

BillyRayChubbs site profile image  

7/22/09 4:22 PM by BillyRayChubbs

 I can't believe that nobody commented on how Kimo had to READ from a document about how he was still alive, instead of just talking into the camera. WTF

Boldar site profile image  

7/22/09 4:04 PM by Boldar

 Haha good stuff.  Really, outside the family being hurt initially, this is a good thing for all involved as it's free publicity.  Kimo's threat to sue will just drag this on and give him more exposure.  Shoot, he could work this into a big fight somewhere, maybe even against OMA!  And, as others have stated, it will make news sites check their sources more thoroughly or else be made to lookt he fool again. Yeah, good stuff.

Gnarly219 site profile image  

7/22/09 3:55 PM by Gnarly219

Ahhhhhhh, refreshing to read. +1 for all you dumbasses getting mad at OMA. I just heard George Michael passed too from excessive anal leakage. TMZ, eat it up!

biggator site profile image  

7/22/09 2:33 PM by biggator

that vid is funny as shit. "i was with a friend... you know ... i dont want to give up here name... (smiles)"

droplogic site profile image  

7/22/09 10:27 AM by droplogic

Media Exposed.  Pretty much sums this up.  Kimo is still alive and should be thrilled that anyone is talking about him at all, he should use this opportunity to get his life back on track.  Family found out he died from piddly mma sites and blogs?  Are they retarded?  Kimo rolls out of bed at noon (admits this in the presser) and waits till 5pm before he tells the world he's alive?  He took advantage of the hype and his "promoter" spun this to let it get more interesting otherwise he could have just contacted one of the media outlets (can we call them that?) at noon in the morning when he woke up and set the record straight. The UG got trolled and most of us knew it was happening, OMA isn't responsible for the spread of rumours based on some stupid post all of us should have skipped over and chuckled at.  A while ago before Serra's fight with Hughes I started a thread that he'd been arrested, it got spun and turned into something hilarious, it eventually reached Serra where it was laughed at and dismissed.  It wasn't even remotely believable especially knowing Serras stance on street fighting yet it got attention and was believed, not my problem people are stupid and not OMA's problem you got trolled and the media is lazy and will print now confirm later. My opinion on Kimo's press conference.  Stop being such a pussy dude, your fights probably got more hits on youtube in this week than they ever have before and you should be grateful for the free press.

jave site profile image  

7/22/09 10:24 AM by jave

LOL @ all those angry people posting on this thread out for revenge @ OMA. LOL AT YOU, go take your anger out on a punching bag, not a message board!OMA's best troll to date, thanks for the laughs all week long!Long live the UG and the keyboard warriors who make these trolls just that much more exciting to read!