Aleksander Emelianenko vs Vadim Finklestein

by Jake Rossen | source:

Brother criticizes Fedor's manager

Any chance we'll see Fedor Emelianenko in a UFC Octagon soon? His brother thinks we should.

Aleksander Emelianenko, the utterly frightening brother of heavily courted Fedor Emelianenko, told recently that he sides with Dana White on the issue of manager Vadim Finkelstein's difficult negotiation tactics.

"And all this talk about the restrictive conditions when signing the contract with the UFC comes only from Finkelstein, who wants to promote his own business through any Fedor-UFC contract," Aleksander told the site, which was picked up by Fighter's Only. "You can negotiate with the UFC. I know that their contracts are sufficiently flexible."

In fairness to Finkelstein, what Aleksander considers reasonable may differ from what the most sought-after MMA free agent in the world is able to demand. The brothers inhabit vastly different levels in the sport's hierarchy.

There were also rumblings that Finkelstein wanted a Russian stadium built and Red Devil fighters employed by whichever promotion Emelianenko sided with. It's worth noting that Affliction did not assign any construction crews out of the country and slotted only one Red Devil athlete -- Kirill Sidelnikov -- out of the 30-odd fights it promoted (or attempted to promote).

I am not a lawyer -- an unnecessary statement if there ever was one -- but I've had more than one of them tell me that open dialogue about private contract negotiations doesn't help any parties involved. Hopefully, the next thing we hear from either Finkelstein or White will be an announcement of a compromise and not a tweet from the conference room.

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