Dana White: Belfort vs. Franklin to headline UFC 103

by Chris Palmquist | source: ufc.com

Dana White today announced at a 2:00 PM press conference that he has signed Vitor Belfort, whom will take on Rich Franklin as the UFC 103 main event in Dallas, TX.

Dana cited a lot of unhappiness with fans over a reported Henderson-Franklin rematch as motivation to go out and get a better main event.

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indestructableme site profile image  

7/31/09 6:37 PM by indestructableme

Bad fight. Doesn't Belfort fight at 185 now? He looked pretty damn good as of late at 185! Didn't Dana make a comment about Belfort maybe challenging A. Silva not too long ago? Also, didn't he want Franklin to move up to 205 so he doesn't beat all the challengers at 185, and that nobody cared to see Franklin vs. Silva again?So why would he put this fight together? It doesn't make any sense because if Franklin wins, all the intrigue and interest will be lost. There are a few 205's that Franklin can bang with, and a few 185's that Belfort can bang with also on the same card.

Eatin Applesauce site profile image  

7/31/09 6:10 PM by Eatin Applesauce

is this fight at 205 or another 195?

NHB USA site profile image  

7/31/09 6:09 PM by NHB USA

 VITOR @ 205?  (again) Fuck yeah anyway!

Captain Woody site profile image  

7/31/09 5:59 PM by Captain Woody

Rich will fight anyone.

MMAmike site profile image  

7/31/09 5:00 PM by MMAmike

Good fight, but it'd probably be more interesting at 185. I want to see Vitor built up as a contender at MW. Vitor vs A. Silva, 2010!!!