ABC: Old weight classes fine, more

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ABC says old weight classes just fine, clears up "back of the head" definition and more

The Association of Boxing Commissions recently held its annual conference in New Orleans, and a number of revisions and clarifications to the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts were approved by the attending members.

The revisions, submitted by a committee established in 2008 that includes the heads of some of the largest and most influential athletic commissions in the nation, were intended to establish uniformity across the membership of the association.

Among the topics addressed were the addition of weight classes first discussed on 2008, a clearer definition of "the back of the head," and the place of downward striking elbows in the sport.

"To me, weight classes was the main issue," Nick Lembo, the legal counsel for the New Jersey Athletic Control Board and committee head, told ( "I think it was crucial that they stay intact."

At the ABC's 2008 conference, a set of guidelines was introduced that called for the addition of several weight classes to the current nine-division system. That resolution was met with great resistance when it was first announced, and the updated Unified Rules uphold the previous set of guidelines.

One-pound allowances for non-title fights will still be allowed, as would catchweight contests that can be arranged at any weight limit.

The committee also approved a new definition of the "back of the head" which combines the previous "headphone" and "mohawk" descriptions.

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