Kendall Grove: I'm going to break Almeida


I spoke to Grove about the upcoming fight, his career and life's priorities these days. Excerpts from our conversation:

You're a skilled grappler, but Almeida is elite in that department. How likely are we to see you trying to keep this on the feet?

Very likely. I'd be a stupid man to try and even touch his jiu-jitsu, you know what I mean? But it's a fight, it's an MMA fight -- I'm pretty sure in my head I'm prepared for wherever the fight goes.

But like a smart fighter, I'm going to try and keep it to my advantage, and that would be on the feet.

How much do you take from Almeida's loss to Patrick Cote?

With Cote, I learned a lot. Keep my level low. He does get frustrated when he can't control you on the ground, when you shut down takedowns, he breaks as a fighter, but I'm a firm believer that he learned from that fight and he's going to come out a little different, he's going to come out more prepared. That's what I'm going on.

But I'm also going on the fight that he can be broken, and I think I'm going to break him.

From the TUF season that included you, the three stars that came out were you, Michael Bisping and Ed Herman. It seems like all three of you, at various times -- Bisping, most recently -- have hit some stumbling blocks in the UFC. Why do you think that is?

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doctorbrodsky site profile image  

8/8/09 10:56 PM by doctorbrodsky


shootfightermike site profile image  

8/8/09 10:52 PM by shootfightermike

good fight after 2 rds

MolsonMuscles site profile image  

8/8/09 9:05 PM by MolsonMuscles

Don't I wish...

nhmmafan site profile image  

8/8/09 7:37 PM by nhmmafan

I don't think so, he's one a 2 fight win streak.

dangerboy12 site profile image  

8/8/09 6:17 PM by dangerboy12

I don't see Almeida getting a takedown, and his striking is sloppy.Kendall by decision

AlmeidaBJJ site profile image  

8/8/09 6:13 PM by AlmeidaBJJ


jjj2121 site profile image  

8/5/09 1:10 PM by jjj2121

You must have missed the Rob Yundt fight in his comeback.

Humboldt JuiJitsu site profile image  

8/5/09 12:33 PM by Humboldt JuiJitsu

I was thinking the same exact thing.  No disrespect intended to KG.  

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

8/5/09 12:30 PM by Bobby Lupo

 Those long limbs are gonna be targets. Also, I'm not sure why people think Ricardo is a small guy, he isn't. Grove will not overpower him. Sub Rd. 1

Pure site profile image  

8/5/09 12:27 PM by Pure

The nerve of this guy. He doesn't belong on the same venue as Almeida, let alone in the cage with him. Almeida, by anything he wants, in the 1st round.