Robert Drysdale responds to Anderson Silva

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Robert Drysdale Breaks His Silence on Remarks Made by Anderson "The Spider" Silva for UFC 101 with Forrest Griffin

Forrest Griffin's Jiu-Jitsu instructor Robert Drysdale was asked by the UFC Countdown Crew August 3rd for his opinion of the bout between his student, Forrest Griffin, and Anderson Silva. Drysdale stated Forrest Griffin would most likely submit Anderson Silva, based on his expert opinion. When the UFC Countdown Crew visited Anderson Silva, he was quick to lash out and question Drysdale's opinion. Anderson Silva even went as far as to directly insult Drysdale and call him an idiot.

Robert Drysdale is regarded as one of the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) instructors in the MMA world. Robert is a 6 time BJJ World Champion. He has over 90 BJJ tournament titles and won the prestigious 2007 ADCC Submission Grappling 1st place Absolute Gold medal. It should also be noted that Robert Drysdale was on Spike TV's hit series, The Ultimate Fighter, commonly referred to as TUF which was founded by UFC's Dana White. Additionally, Robert Drysdale was hand selected by UFC legend Randy Couture as head Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor for his world class gym, "Extreme Couture" in Las Vegas.

Anderson Silva is considered by many MMA experts as one of the top three pound for pound MMA fighters in the world. ProFightNetwork and Fight_Net Radio have often shared these same beliefs and has never known a champion of this caliber to suddenly start rendering such remarks directly on an opponents instructor.

After watching the UFC 101 Countdown, ProFightNetwork and its staff were shocked at the interview and found it necessary to get exclusive remarks from Drysdale himself. Drysdale is one of ProFightNetwork's affiliate gyms and PFN wanted to give him an opportunity to respond to such harsh words. ProFightNetwork went on location to video and pod cast via the radio show which can be exclusively seen at Drysdale gave us an exclusive interview that you will only see on ProFightNetwork. Drysdale advised PFN that any other quotes by him through any other forums or blogs, or other media outlets are erroneous. Robert is preparing for his fight and wanted to respond exclusively with ProFightNetwork and avoid any inaccuracies. Here are some key points from the interview. The entire video can be found at

Drysdale told us "I am confused as to why Anderson Silva took the constructive criticism personally. The UFC's Countdown Crew specifically asked for my expert opinion and I responded truthfully."

ProFightNetwork's president Chris Greenman was on location and told us, "PFN sought out Robert Drysdale specifically because he is the best in the world at what he does and he is a class act. I mean come on, he is the most decorated BJJ competitor in the world, even my buddy Joe Rogan agrees. Additionally its not everyday that a UFC super legend like Randy Couture, asks you to head his entire Jiu-Jitsu program." Greenman also says, "Anderson Silva must be nervous, I would be as well. I walked into Robert's school and saw a who's-who list of UFC and MMA fighters getting tossed around and submitted like butter. Think about it, someone of Randy Couture's grappling background goes with this guy to lead his submission grappling program. I personally would want to go anywhere but the ground with Drysdale and I am a ground guy. What is someone's trainer supposed to say when asked this question by the UFC Countdown Crew? Stating anything but I think my guy is going to win would be disheartening, demotivating, and very disloyal. Anderson Silva should know that."

With little searching effort, ProFightNetwork found an interview in Fight Magazine where Frank Mir called Robert Drysdale, "The best grappler in the world," yet another former UFC champion vouching on behalf of Drysdale.

ProFightNetwork asked MMA guru, Patrick Schneider of Elite Broadcast Media his take on this situation and he told us that in his ten plus years of covering MMA print, radio and broadcast, he's never heard a UFC champion of Anderson Silva's caliber deliberately attack a trainer of Robert Drysdale's stature. ProFightNetwork feels there has to be more to this story.

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White Bekt Jones site profile image  

8/9/09 4:27 PM by White Bekt Jones

^^^LOL, get your pajamas!

Spaghetti Legs site profile image  

8/9/09 3:16 PM by Spaghetti Legs

Drysdale would still wreck Silva on the ground.Who cares about predictions, Forrest was his fighter, what the hell else is he gonna say?

myrites site profile image  

8/9/09 3:00 PM by myrites

Drysdale is pure class, His fight with Roger in ADCC is for the number one spot in the world wth regards to Grappling , Be sure to check out the his commercial campaign and fight with Roger exclusive on Spike and He has authority to say what he thinks, we are in a free country.Bobby Razak

TheLaw site profile image  

8/9/09 2:01 PM by TheLaw

 drysdale = drysFAIL

asscobra site profile image  

8/9/09 1:59 PM by asscobra

^^^exactly. These guys can speak in theory all they want about what works, but you can't truly be an expert on the matter unless you've got hands on experience  

White Bekt Jones site profile image  

8/9/09 1:46 PM by White Bekt Jones

^^^Kinda like Bravo?

asscobra site profile image  

8/9/09 4:00 AM by asscobra

 If he's focused more on BJJ/ submission grappling then why has he stated that he won't be competing in BJJ any more? And don't even think about mentioning the super fight with Roger because that is hardly a competition when Roger chokes the f..k out him. Alot of fighters would speak highly of him, 1- because he's the 3rd best BJJ trainer in Vegas, 2- because he's been the hot ticket sonce getting the D'arce choke on Marcelo Still don't have anything to do with MMA

insufficient funds site profile image  

8/9/09 3:02 AM by insufficient funds

Anderson Silva was offended that Drysdale said Griffin was going to submit him. Its one thing to say Forrest is going to win, another top say he is a better grappler and quite another to say he is going to submit Silva. Being a Nogueira blackbelt he took personal offense especially since he probably does respect Drysdale's grappling ability. Thats on top of the camp "switch".

eljamaiquino site profile image  

8/9/09 2:30 AM by eljamaiquino

Drysdale has never even had a pro MMA fight. And this night PROVED that he knows nada about MMA. His "no strikes allowed" style of grappling is probably why Frank Mir got ate up by Brock IMO...

White Bekt Jones site profile image  

8/9/09 1:38 AM by White Bekt Jones

Are you serious? "his potential as an mma fighter."Really? This is sarcasm, right?