Dollaway versus Miller?

source: mmamadness

CB Dollaway will face Dan Miller at UFC Fight Night 19 on September 16, a source close to the event told

Miller’s original opponent, Aaron Simpson, was moved up to UFC 102 to face Ed Herman, leaving Miller with no opponent.

Dollaway (8-2) will look to bounce back from a disappointing loss at UFC 100 to Tom Lawlor.

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PAPA ROACH1 site profile image  

8/12/09 12:43 AM by PAPA ROACH1

lol a customer at my restaurant here in mexico says hes good friends with all the acs guys. he brought me a cb dolloway walkout tee and a ufc glove signed by bader which was pretty badass he says cb dolloway isnt coached well and doesnt listen to his coaches or soem shit like that. acs seems like a good amp i wonder if this dude justw as trying to be cool or something he also says he is the reason why cain velazquez wears the mexican flag on his glove when walking out.i dont know whether to belive him or not just told me a bunch of stuff about the acs guys that i wont spill because they prolly arent true but if anyhting he says was true that camp is gonna get shook up in the future.

AK-BJJ site profile image  

8/12/09 12:25 AM by AK-BJJ

Yeah... I just can't even think of the guys he beat. I'm sure they were fluffers so he could win and we'd be stuck seeing that ridiculous face of his more.I'd like to see Miller move up the ladder too... hopefully he will after he taps CB.

Saltyballs site profile image  

8/11/09 11:13 PM by Saltyballs

I would like to see Miller fight someone better, imo.

Saltyballs site profile image  

8/11/09 11:12 PM by Saltyballs

I can't stand CB either, but he won 2 in a row by sub and TKO before Lawlor caught him. That, being a TUF guy, and being Dana's boy, he ain't going anywhere anytime soon.

tjmitch site profile image  

8/11/09 11:11 PM by tjmitch

Just a guess....but I would imagine if Dan catches him in something, he isnt letting go until the ref steps in.

AK-BJJ site profile image  

8/11/09 11:00 PM by AK-BJJ

You can juggle stats around to make them say whatever you want but you and I both know he fake taps and then taps damn near everytime he's in there...

Saltyballs site profile image  

8/11/09 10:16 PM by Saltyballs

Dollaway is 8 - 2 overall not including the show, with 2 losses to Lawlor and Amir.He's 2-1 in his last 3 fights. I can't stand CB, but lets not be overly dramatic about why he is still around.That being said...MILLER all f'in day. Terrible fight for CB.

AK-BJJ site profile image  

8/11/09 10:06 PM by AK-BJJ

^^^ More like who at Zuffa did CB blow to keep getting paydays...

tjmitch site profile image  

8/11/09 11:17 AM by tjmitch

Beating up on the garv is no great feat...just ask his little brother.And who at Zuffa did CB piss off?

aloysius site profile image  

8/11/09 11:00 AM by aloysius

I am guessing Miller will have no fear of the takedown so maybe we will get to see a Miller KO. Dropping the Garv like he was a bag of dirt has to add some confidence to his standup.