TapouT Radio: Cesar Gracie explains Nick Diaz situation

source: tapoutlive.com

tags: Nick Diaz (detail)  

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koreviewz site profile image  

8/12/09 10:37 PM by koreviewz

Anyone defending Diaz here, in any way, is completely stupid.  He knows that weed is banned substance, yet he smokes it anyway.  It doesn't matter if you think the rule is stupid, he has a "prescription" (which anyone in California will tell you doesn't mean shit), or if you think pot should be legal everywhere.  He's not professional enough to not use recreational drugs during training.  It's all on him.  It's defenseless.

gilbertfan site profile image  

8/12/09 10:11 PM by gilbertfan

Crooklyn,I listened to Cesar's interview.Cannabis is on the WADA banned list.You should go to the next WADA meeting in Montreal in september and tell the panel of world expert physicians your opinions about which substances should be banned.

IP site profile image  

8/12/09 8:46 PM by IP

"...Cannabis prescribed for ADHD.""...Ritalin is like Methamphetamine."OK...

Crooklyn site profile image  

8/12/09 8:44 PM by Crooklyn


32Hunter site profile image  

8/12/09 8:34 PM by 32Hunter

Great interview. I thought it was kind of funny/odd that Caesar wondered why it was such a big deal that Nick was going to miss the fight,then Crooklyn pointed out all of the fans Nick has and how we hate to see him miss a show. anyway hope he gets a fight in Japan right away it what shows are coming up over there anyway? Deep? Zst?

Girljock site profile image  

8/12/09 8:08 PM by Girljock

good interview, thanks for getting it.

TheVileOne site profile image  

8/12/09 3:40 PM by TheVileOne

That's what I said. Belfort tested positive for roids after Pride 32. Belfort provided doctor's notes saying they were prescribed, but the NSAC said they were still banned substances and upheld the suspension anyway.That's why Belfort didn't fight in the US again until 2008.So basically the logic is you have a prescription for a banned substance, the position is that it could still affect the safety of a fight for a fight. So prescriptions don't count for a banned substance. Guys stop looking for loopholes and excuses. There are none. If people are CHEATING the drug tests, then that is bad too.

FSMA site profile image  

8/12/09 2:26 PM by FSMA

That's because he did afterwards, no?

Crooklyn site profile image  

8/12/09 1:19 PM by Crooklyn


Redneck site profile image  

8/12/09 5:19 AM by Redneck

Cesar was great.