Mike "Joker" Guymon held for observation

by Kimberly Edds | source: ocregister.com

MMA fighter 'Joker' held for observation after suicide attempt
Sheriff's Department spokesman and a personal friend negotiates peaceful surrender.

Distraught mixed martial arts fighter Mike "Joker" Guymon was undergoing psychiatric evaluation Tuesday after he apparently tried to commit suicide by having police shoot him following an argument with his wife, authorities said.

Surrounded by Orange County sheriff's deputies and refusing to come out of his SUV, Guymon, 34, surrendered to Sheriff's Department spokesman Jim Amormino, a close friend of the fighter.

Deputies were called to Guymon's house by his wife Nicole just before 11 a.m., said Sheriff's Department Lt. Mike Jansen. The fighter, who runs Joker's Wild Fighting Academy in Lake Forest, had tried to commit suicide, Jansen said.

According to Nicole Guymon, Guymon was extremely distraught after the couple argued. Mike Guymon had a gun, but his wife managed to get the gun from him, Jansen said.

Guymon, who holds the King of the Cage Welterweight title, was gone by the time deputies arrived. A countywide broadcast was put out with a description of Guymon and his vehicle, Jansen said.

While deputies searched for her husband, Nicole Guymon called Amormino, pleading for him to help her husband.

Just before 2 p.m., deputies pulled Guymon over at Lake Forest Drive and Regency Lane, Jansen said. Parked in the lot of an Arco station, Guymon refused to come out of his SUV, Jansen said.

Unsure if Guymon was armed, deputies surrounded the SUV.

Not knowing Guymon was in his SUV surrounded by deputies, Amormino made several calls to Guymon. The phone calls were of reassurance, Amormino said, telling Guymon how his wife, family and friends were worried about him.

When Amormino found out Guymon had been surrounded but refused to come out, he begged the fighter to surrender.

"He said, 'No, I'm going to make them shoot me,' " Amormino said. But when Amormino asked him if he would come out for him, Guymon agreed.

"He said he would never hurt me," Amormino said.

Guymon kept his word. He gave up peacefully, even allowing Amormino to handcuff him in a standard safety procedure.

Guymon is being held on a psychiatric-evaluation hold at Evaluation and Treatment Services, a Santa Ana psychiatric hospital. He can be kept up to 72 hours.

Authorities do not believe drugs were involved, Jansen said.

Guymon, who has been fighting since 2000, trains all levels of MMA fighters at his Lake Forest gym. Guymon's nickname "Joker" comes from his huge and almost always present smile, he said in an interview earlier this year.

Watch a file video of Mike Guymon at the Joker's Wild Fighting Academy below:


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FredruM site profile image  

8/15/09 8:49 AM by FredruM

Jim Armorino (a good friend of Jokers, who was called by Nicole) and Joker finally agreeing to listen to him is why they didn't shoot him. No offense but your statement comes off as negative and ignorant. Thank God they did their Job correctly..

thebravebull site profile image  

8/15/09 2:54 AM by thebravebull

Luckily for him the Lake Forest police aren't used to having to pull out their weapons, let alone use them. That's why they didn't shoot him.

JBALL site profile image  

8/14/09 11:28 PM by JBALL

TTT for the healing and recovery to begin! JBALL

Hugh Jorgan site profile image  

8/14/09 11:07 PM by Hugh Jorgan

Joker - hang in there. Everyone gets a bit freaked out at some point, no big deal. Realize you have a lot of people in your life that love you.

FredruM site profile image  

8/14/09 10:49 PM by FredruM

You're a Class Act!

SwampRocker site profile image  

8/14/09 9:14 PM by SwampRocker

best of luck Joker.

annihil8torz site profile image  

8/14/09 8:56 PM by annihil8torz

 I hope you are around for a long time Joker.  I don't know you, but you always seem like such a great guy.  Keep your faith in family, friends, and even thouse you don't know.  We're all pulling for you to make it through this.

MMAWORLDWIDECREW site profile image  


When you look at the whole situation, one thing is very clear... When he realized what pain it would bring to others if he followed through, Michael stopped. I've known him for quite some time and I can honestly say that he is one of the few people I know that will put you before himself. Joker helped me through a lot of hard times by being an amazing friend.Buddy, don't let the weight of everyone hold you down right now. Just focus on you and think about what YOU want in your life right now.Just know that whatever you need, the family and I are here for you.Love ya Mike,Bobby

amandapottle site profile image  

8/14/09 8:03 PM by amandapottle

Joker, glad you are okay! I hope you were thinking of your fallen O.C. friends when this was happening.PS: For some reason I thought this happened to OCBADAPPLE but then I figured it out lol.xoxo

1Adam12 site profile image  

8/14/09 7:48 PM by 1Adam12

 Joker, glad to hear you are feeling better and looking at things in a more positive light. I truly wish you the best.