Why so little media covering Carano v Cyborg?

by Dr. David Mayeda | source: fightticker.com

Why Isn’t There More Mainstream Media Covering “Carano vs. Cyborg?”

After the Carano-Santos story line had been built via the now defunct EliteXC, I wondered if the story would ever be finished. Thankfully it is, this coming Saturday through Strikeforce. When EliteXC aired its primetime network television cards in 2008, Gina Carano’s two matches ended up on the list of top-10 most watched MMA matches of all time, each of them (against Kaitlin Young and Kelly Kobold) garnering over 5 million viewers.

Granted, a good portion of the most watched MMA matches were aired on network television or basic cable, more or less free, including Carano’s two. But now with the Carano-Santos match finally happening, how many viewers will tune in to watch the final chapter this coming Saturday night on Showtime?

Leland Roling from BloodyElbow.com asks where the mainstream attention is regarding the Strikeforce main event and card as a whole. I was wondering the same thing. Given that (1) MMA is among the most physical of contact/collision sports, and (2) women have historically been discouraged from competing in contact/collision sports, why are we not seeing more of the Santos-Carano main event match discussed in the mainstream media? And I’m not talking a story here and there in SI.com or the New York Times.

Nothing at all against those publications or their excellent writers. It's simply that I assumed if this match ever happened that Santos and Carano would be making appearances on Good Morning America, The Today Show or other big mainstream media outlets to discuss MMA, women’s right to compete and work in the sport free of discrimination, and how their match symbolizes women’s advancements in society at large. Even if the two athletes simply want to compete as athletes and not take on a minor political role, the gender piece is a significant part of the story that would perk mainstream audiences’ interests, especially since the two women are well spoken and show a great deal of class during interviews.

Has Strikeforce even attempted to get its two superstars on such shows? Or are they merely resigned to creating build-up shows aired on Sho 2, having public weigh-ins, and YouTube video advertisements as they go head-to-head with a SpikeTV replay of UFC 100? With two days left until the August 15 card, will we see a bigger push beyond the hardcore MMA internet fan base to get this Strikeforce card broader and deserved attention?

Perhaps since 2007, MMA has lost its pizzazz and novelty, and the broader mainstream is not as intrigued by the sport, even if it is featuring elite female athletes. If that is the case, it’s the promotion’s job to reinvigorate fan interest in a responsible and smart manner. Let’s hope we see that happen over the next 48 hours, because Santos and Carano cannot steal the show for those who aren't watching.

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officedrone23 site profile image  

8/15/09 10:33 AM by officedrone23

It's not the media's fault. Coker is a decent promoter, but he has a Main Event tonight that is way above his paygrade.Gina and Cyborg (with an English speaking spokesperson) should have been on the regular radio shows and sports shows that appeal to guys plus they should have busted their asses to get on Regis and Kelly and the View to appeal to the housewife contingent.UFC is a household name now. They worked for that. Now that they have it their promotional machine is paint by numbers easy. Strikeforce has a ways to go.

thesoleassassin site profile image  

8/15/09 8:15 AM by thesoleassassin

actually there are 2 funnier scenes than the bunkbed scene in Step Brothers1) sleepwalking2) when the one brother having sex with will ferrell;s sister in law breaks thru the dining room doors while fucking her. he has her up in the air sort of aerial cowgirl position / jackhammer and they come right into the thanksgiving meal dining room. its so funnyTTT For fighting sheep eating at a grill restaurant yesterday.keep us informed

thefightingsheep site profile image  

8/15/09 7:59 AM by thefightingsheep

I can't remember any fight being covered this much TBH.  I was eating my dinner at a normal grill/restaurant yesterday and the bar TV had coverage of the weigh-in on one of the sports channels (maybe ESPN?).

thesoleassassin site profile image  

8/15/09 7:58 AM by thesoleassassin

I love that scene and I am sure yall do to so here it is. its a must see !blue namer do yo thing !http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BlHY69ZsZ0&feature=related

thesoleassassin site profile image  

8/15/09 7:53 AM by thesoleassassin

I feel like the dad in that movie with will ferrell - StepBrothers .when they wanna make bunkbeds and he says:"Im not making myself clear here...I don't give a fuck."

madmav site profile image  

8/15/09 6:27 AM by madmav

the SF chronicle has an article about her...http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/08/14/SPCD197UPN.DTL

Chuck Kongo site profile image  

8/15/09 6:04 AM by Chuck Kongo

Because Women's MMA isn't the interest here for most people.Gina Carano is. It's all about her.A bunch of lonely and desperate virgins(and some frustrated married guys) in here compulsively FAP to her.If she looked like Becky Levi do you think they'd give a damn?And there's a smaller segment of people who want Cyborg to win because they think Gina is a novelty act(just like Kimbo), pampered and unprofessional, and they'd like to see her get KTFO and go away.Just like Kimbo.

Moth2Flame site profile image  

8/13/09 11:39 PM by Moth2Flame

If 'nobody' cares then why are people excited and talking about this fight? Apparently there are some people who want Cyborg to win...0 for 2try again next year

pb4ugo site profile image  

8/13/09 9:48 PM by pb4ugo

Because nobody gives a shit about womans MMAand who wants to watch a hot playmate get killed by a tranny

crowbar site profile image  

8/13/09 9:41 PM by crowbar

Gina was just on radio station Wild 94.9 a very popular hip-hop station in the bay area yesterday.