Nick Diaz to try professional boxing again


Having been one of the few boxing promoters around today to have witnessed the great Sugar Ray Robinson fight live, it is no easy feat to impress Don "War-a-Week" Chargin. This hall-of-fame promoter has been touted by his peers as possibly being the best match-maker the boxing world has ever bore witness to. This is why it is with great intrigue that at the tail end of his long, illustrious career that Chargin would actively pursue what most would consider a long-shot proposal.

Having promoted boxing matches from various era's including the Dick Tiger-Gene Fullmer middleweight title bout at San Francisco's Candlestick Park in 1962, the veteran promoter relishes the opportunity to promote one of both boxing and mixed martial arts most entertaining fighters. Nick Díaz is a fighter many have proclaimed as the "Arturo Gatti" of the MMA world. His bloodbath with Japan's best 155-pounder, Takanori Gomi was a perfect example as to why many fight fans following both mixed martial arts as well as boxing have labeled him as such.

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Tomato Can site profile image  

8/14/09 12:53 PM by Tomato Can


Kakkarotto_san site profile image  

8/14/09 12:50 PM by Kakkarotto_san

OMG, NATE DIAZ IS FIGHTING PAUL WILLIAMS IN A KUMITE!!!Holy shit, that's gonna be awesome.

Tomato Can site profile image  

8/14/09 10:00 AM by Tomato Can

Nobody said he was going to fight Paul Williams. Try reading next time, you illiterate numbnut.

The Notorious OMG site profile image  

8/14/09 7:10 AM by The Notorious OMG

who says he's fighting paul williams?"zomg nick wants to box?!?! what bro?!?! paul williams would destroy diaz! straight right hand through the guard d00dz!!!"uh, alright? how did paul williams enter the equation of diaz entertaining the thought of a few boxing matches? also he would obviously train differently under a 100% boxing specific regimen for a boxing match. assuming he'd come into any boxing match regardless of who he's fighting with the same stance and style he used against frank shamrock or scott smith is sort know, retarded as shit.

The Notorious OMG site profile image  

8/14/09 6:54 AM by The Notorious OMG

well, in fairness, you appear to be an ultra-sensitive twatnozzle with emotions that have not yet been treated with anti-depressants, so it's not surprising that watching somebody on tv for 15 minutes could ruin your month and cause you to go on a menstrual rant in a totally irrelevant go slam your bedroom door, throw your pillow at it and scream "I hate you!" when your mom tells you it's time to turn off the harry potter dvd and go to bed.

Fedro Shotgun site profile image  

8/14/09 6:42 AM by Fedro Shotgun

Diaz will be killed in boxing,too slow,no power and is a bitch.

LoiseauElbow site profile image  

8/14/09 6:37 AM by LoiseauElbow

Just close your eyes for a second.I want you to imagine a 160lb Paul Williams firing a straight right hand through Nick Diaz' guard.

Musashi site profile image  

8/14/09 6:34 AM by Musashi

Diaz is a triathlete too. Is that bad?Or maybe he has more discipline, drive and ability than all of you combined and is going to do what the fuck he wants to because it's his choice.You know.. maybe.

Musashi site profile image  

8/14/09 6:33 AM by Musashi

And you're a real fucking winner.Idiot.

AshkanMMA site profile image  

8/14/09 6:27 AM by AshkanMMA

Nick Diaz is garbage. His attitude is garbage. How do you gain respect of other fighters when all you do is mock people in the fight? really immature. i honestly cannot wait to see this kid get knocked the hell out.. i don't believe in his new good boy attitude .. it's all bull shit.. i did like him but as i watch fight after fight card after card with nick diaz he always seems to piss me off more and more