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With women’s MMA about to take its biggest step forward, one of the original pioneers of the movement will be sitting on the sidelines watching, but not by her choice.

Earlier this year Erin Toughill had been announced to participate on the undercard to Saturday night’s Strikeforce card, with the belief that she would step into the evening’s main event featuring Gina Carano and Cris “Cyborg” Santos should one of them be forced to withdraw.

Alas, it never came to fruition.

MMAWeekly: What ended up happening with your agent?
Erin Toughill: At the end of July I terminated my agent, Ken Pavia of MMA Agents. I was just beyond… I can’t even say the word for how upset I was. We just couldn’t get the ball rolling and now I’m in the middle of cutting ties with them completely. I have talked to Strikeforce personally, my lawyer has spoken to them, they want me and things are going to get done, it just happens that it won’t be on August 15.

MMAWeekly: What is your current managerial status?
Erin Toughill: I won’t say I’m sealed with anybody, because I’m not. I haven’t had anyone come and court me while I’ve been under contract, nobody has done that. I have gone on my own accord and spoken to people that are pretty powerful and have big influence in this sport and with Strikeforce right now.

Ken Pavia and MMA Agents are not allowed to do any business on my behalf. My lawyer right now is gonna deal with that stuff, and hopefully settle it as amicably and professionally as possible. I’m not here to slam them, that’s not my thing, but I will speak up about what things went down. Strikeforce isn’t culpable for anything. I really say my agent dropped the ball on a lot of things and put me in a really precarious situation.

MMAWeekly: To clear up another misconception, I understand there was never an opponent named to fight you on the show.

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TheThrill site profile image  

8/15/09 12:03 AM by TheThrill

definately not nor have i ever been a pav supporter but i didnt really see that he did anything wrong in this situationprolly because nothing was really said in that whole article other than girls didnt take the fight haha

michaelkaras site profile image  

8/14/09 11:52 PM by michaelkaras

hey fenix. sorry, i never heard about that. ima get more info before i post. this always happens  that is pretty badass though. did he deserve it?

Sober site profile image  

8/14/09 11:50 PM by Sober

Especially if you're a dude (obviously not talking about Erin)

Fenix site profile image  

8/14/09 11:40 PM by Fenix

Erin is attractive, but beating up former husbands is not good for the sport.

michaelkaras site profile image  

8/14/09 11:37 PM by michaelkaras

 am i in the minority in thinking that erin is way more attractive than gina? and a better pioneer?

ArthurFonzerill site profile image  

8/14/09 11:27 PM by ArthurFonzerill

Erin, send me in your application

TOWE site profile image  

8/14/09 6:13 PM by TOWE

 No shit talking involved, what I said was a fact...  I'll leave it at that!

HuntingtonPUNK site profile image  

8/14/09 5:58 PM by HuntingtonPUNK

Erin weighed in at 143 for a 145lb fight already. Gina has missed more times then she's made weightTowe likes to talk sht but play it off as if he's not, he talks half stories, half full of sht. If you have something to say then just say it.theyre not afraid she'll miss weight, stupidest thing ever said

YouAreNex site profile image  

8/14/09 5:52 PM by YouAreNex

I love you Erin