Josh Neer implies friendly ref may have affected fight against Pellegrino

by Josh Neer | source: theUG

From: joshn2484
Posted: 2 hours ago
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hey guys i figured i'd come on here and explain my fight a little. 1 thing i wish i would of done is just try to get up. the reason i didn't was bc when he stood up, he was waiting for me to do so. soon as i would of, he would of spun around and take my back. if i had it to do over again i would of just took the risk. i was complaining about the ref standing us up bc c'mon he can't stand us up 1 time? but i guess you can't when your basically from the same town as my opponent. i watched the same ref being buddy buddy with all the guys on the card from new jersey. my main problem with kurt was b4 the fight he talked how it was going to be a war and he was gonna leave it all out there and blah blah. well in my opinion he didn't at all. if your gonna play it safe and stick to a gameplan just say that. don't talk like it's gonna be a great fight.
Josh Neer

From: joshn2484
Posted: 5 minutes ago
Member Since: 3/3/04
Posts: 173

I didn't hold him in my closed guard and wait for a standup bc i don't stall. i try to finish. you would think a black belt would do that too. i think the ref was biased whether he was trying to or not. when you have a guy coming into your state and fighting a hometown guy your gonna be biased whether your trying to or not. i felt like i won the fight anyways. i was the one who almost finished the fight. i was the one going for stuff. he was the one defending the whole fight but i knew the judges would give it to him no matter what bc if your on top you win no matter what. if the fight would of went until someone tapped or got tko'd everyone knows who would of won. kurt was on a 2 fight win streak. he wasn't in danger of being cut. that's it guys i'm out. thanks to all for the support.


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Smith1234 site profile image  

8/16/09 1:16 PM by Smith1234

Two guys on the main card posting -- for all the complaints about the direction of this forum, the rumours of its demise have been exaggerated.

White347LX site profile image  

8/16/09 12:32 PM by White347LX

ttt for a Pellegrino HL vid

Forrest Gimp site profile image  

8/16/09 7:31 AM by Forrest Gimp

This was the kinda fight that's decent wo watch a week after the live PPV. But during the PPV the only thing on my mind is why neither guy is trying to finish so I get my money's worth. Don't care what people say, but when you don't put on an exciting fight, step one is dropping to the preliminary card. Step two is the boot.This fight was crap for a televised live fight, in my opinion. Fighters need to be professional and confident enough to be exciting. Not just in it to win it. Go in there and try finish it. It's a business. The largest MMA business there is. It's your responsibility as a professional fighter to be able to deliver just what the business needs. If not, go fight non-televised shows.Finally, I agree the referee should've stood them up. And it looked to me like Neer started going for submissions because ref was obviously never gonna stand them up. At least he tried going for the finishes.

newbyfan site profile image  

8/16/09 7:02 AM by newbyfan

yeah, pretty much

Crocop'sLeftLeg site profile image  

8/16/09 4:34 AM by Crocop'sLeftLeg

^^retardedmmafan342 is more like it imo.

mmafan342 site profile image  

8/16/09 3:48 AM by mmafan342

The truth is out there. Instead of going out there, giving it all he had, and making it exciting. Pellegrino admitted he fought that way just so he wouldnt lose. Common, Neer could do the same thing when he fights, but he just wants to go out there and give the fans their money worth, Which Pellegrino DID NOT do. Which I think is BS, and I would not be happy with my self If i was Pellegrino. And Im sure Kurt is telling himself, "Oh well even though it wasnt exciting I just did what I to do to win, blablablabla." Maybe he likes to fight that way, not having fans enjoy the fight, just so he will be better off in the end. He definitely lost fans with that. I really wish you would go back to your old style, trying to finish fights at all times and be exciting. Dont start doing this because your scared of getting cut. 

Kansas Comet site profile image  

8/16/09 3:40 AM by Kansas Comet

Too bad Kurt chose to just lay on Josh; had the makings of one of the FOTY.I understand winning at all costs and why the lay and pray is used but doesn't mean I have to like this style that seems to be employed more and more in the UFC.

MMA Girls site profile image  

8/16/09 3:30 AM by MMA Girls

TTT! I agree Joe!

MikelMorbid site profile image  

8/15/09 7:55 PM by MikelMorbid

time and time again... it takes two to have a boring fight, you can accuse someone of lay and pray all you want, but the truth is "get better". This isn't 1990's, if you get taken down a lot, get better at your bjj or wrestling (or both)... stop complaining that people "won't stand" or "won't fight" go fight in Toughman if thats your mentality..