Ricco Rodriguez: I’ve got a great shot at beating Fedor

by James Royale | source: cagereport.net

Exclusive interview: Ricco Rodriguez talks possible return to UFC:

    Former UFC Heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez spoke to Cage Report in an exclusive interview. Rodriguez coming off a submission victory over John Brown at Reality Combat last month feels that he is once again ready for the big time. "I felt good getting that win but I'm not stopping here, I'm physically at the point where I feel I can make back into the big league" said Rodriguez.

When asked how he believes he matches with some of the top tier heavyweights in the UFC, the former champion claims he is eager to re-capture UFC gold "I'm serious about being a factor in this division. First and foremost I want my belt back. I know Lesnar is a huge guy but I've noticed several holes in his top game during his last fight that I could capitalize on. Yeah he beat Mir but Frank Mir doesn't possess the level of jiu-jitsu I have - which is really needed to neutralize the size advantage of Brock. Personally I don't get the hype, I think I was more impressive against Randy than Lesnar was, it looked like Randy was breaking him mentally until he landed the last shot"

The 31 year old Rodriguez also says he has been in talks about a possible match with Fedor Emelianenko "Yeah I’ve been approached about it, nothing's final yet but that's a fight I would definitely want. I know people will say I don't have a chance, but I destroyed the guy who handed Fedor his only loss. Fedor is a great fighter but, the training I've done at Wolfslair has improved my game tremendously so I think I've got a great shot at beating him."

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Recent Comments »

Juijitsuboxer site profile image  

9/7/09 10:56 PM by Juijitsuboxer

Ricco has a lot of skills and is an amazing grappler for his size from what everyone says. Legit strong BJJ Blackbelt.

sly fox site profile image  

9/7/09 3:44 PM by sly fox

thanks fightordie... glad to hear hes come back well, he really shouldnt have blown his career in the way he did, sounds like a decent comeback will be in order... glad hes happy toovaguely remember he was a single dad at one point..

fightordie site profile image  

9/7/09 11:45 AM by fightordie

Slyfox, I had cage side seats and access to a lot of the events for the fights, and Ricco weighed in I think at 235lbs. He had muscle defenition which hasn't been seen on him in a longtime. Also, he looked fit and athletic, not sloppy like the Ricco Rodriguez of the past. I overheard that his girlfriend is a personal trainor, so I am assuming that may have something to do with his appearance. She was very fit and seemed to be a positive influence over him. My girlfriend commented on their interactions and how happy they were.Ricco looked great and I forsee a comeback for him!

sly fox site profile image  

9/7/09 10:19 AM by sly fox

what shape did he seem in?

KenP site profile image  

9/7/09 4:17 AM by KenP

Ricco will be back...

amandapottle site profile image  

9/6/09 11:40 PM by amandapottle

amazing he's only 31

Stone17Wolf site profile image  

9/6/09 11:08 PM by Stone17Wolf

Ricco will get his ass beat.Just Saying.

fightordie site profile image  

9/6/09 10:56 PM by fightordie

If Ricco keeps his focus on fighting instead of drugs, food and hookers than he will be a force to be reckoned with. Like I said in my last post, I had the pleasure of seeing him fight in Austin, Texas last week and he looked great. He was with an extremely attractive blonde who seemed to dote on him and also neither of them had a sip of alcohal or for that matter, I did not see them at any of the after parties! Ricco seems to have his head on straight and dedicated to fighting and getting his life in order. I for one wish him all the best!

sly fox site profile image  

9/6/09 11:56 AM by sly fox

you know after seeing that vid of him ages ago overweight and looking a mess i wasnt too bothered about seeing him again, but i actually would like to now, especially seeing pics of him back in shape id like to see him back in the ufc

Dougie site profile image  

9/6/09 11:49 AM by Dougie

I'd like to see Ricco back in the UFC in shape.I've been waiting too long though.