Marloes Coenen: I've got 'Cyborg' next

by Ariel Helwani | source:

Marloes Coenen: I've Got 'Cyborg' Next

nHouse just moments after Cris Cyborg's victory that she has been promised the first shot against her. She also broke down the keys to victory for Cyborg and what her victory over Gina Carano ultimately means for women's MMA.

Check out the full video interview below.

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goku site profile image  

8/17/09 1:22 PM by goku


BorisBJJ site profile image  

8/17/09 1:15 PM by BorisBJJ

Coenen's record since 2007 is awful. The girls she's beaten have records as follows:3-316-152-30-61-10-6So, she's not beating anyone with decent winning records.Erin Toughill has been beating people with winning records, sometimes providing them their first loss. She's your girl.

judom site profile image  

8/17/09 10:06 AM by judom

btw, the blond girl was an international judo competitor with a pretty good record: her first fight, she beat up Coenen, and I have to say I am not surprised. Coenen was flying every time Dandois touched her.Btw, if you follow the interview of Dandois, she said she quite judo cause her coach Johan Laats was fired. Johan Laats is one of the most technical judoka ever, he invented various moves, including the famous Laats kata-guruma (fireman's carry), now so popular in judo.With a coach like that, Dandois is bound to be very good.I actually think there are a lot of girls in judo/wrestling (high level) that would put Cyborg on her back and keep her there. Most of the judoka (like Dandois, Karo, etc) are much stronger than they look too. If Dandois gets some good striking experience, it'd be a good match

Tomato Can site profile image  

8/17/09 10:03 AM by Tomato Can

The problem is that very few women fight at 145. If they were still bothering to try to make Cyborg and Carano cut to 135, then you'd have Larosa, Roxy, and Kaufman, but with the weight set at 145, Toughill is really the only credible threat right now.

jkkazmier site profile image  

8/17/09 9:50 AM by jkkazmier

love the ear rings.

whistleblower site profile image  

8/17/09 9:46 AM by whistleblower

Coenen was actually one of the first real juggernauts in women's MMA history (along with Becky Levi and that HUGE Russian judo beast who manhandled Erin Toughill among others).And at one point in the very early days, after she won that loaded SmackGirl tournament (which was THE defining women's event at the time), Coenen was the absolute best female MMA fighter around. And she really was slick, too. Very impressively skilled in an era where even men's MMA still wasn't generally all that technically evolved.She fuckin' flying-armbarred Becky Levi when Levi was supposed to be the best (and most physically intimidating) female fighter in NHB (although the talent pool was much less developed back then than even now). And Coenen was on top until Erin Toughill KO'd her for her first loss. (And I would still love to see a rematch even now.)But Coenen hasn't really done anything significant at all over the last several years (not that there'd been much significant opportunity for female MMA across-the-board anyway), to suddenly warrant a title shot. And the last time I saw her fight was against the UG's own Roxy, who edged out a close decision over her (and no offense to Roxy, but I really thought Coenen was gonna just steamroll her - so much props to Roxy there).And imo, too many years have probably passed between when Coenen was on top and this new generation. Cyborg is a new level of monster in women's MMA and she is in peak form and still surging. Marloes isn't outstriking her, and Cyborg seems ground-savvy enough to at least be able to defend against Coenen's grappling and submissions.But even though Cyborg will probably destroy her (along with every other female contender), the ones just looking at Marloes' fightfinder record and automatically dismissing her as just an outright "can" really don't know WTF they're talking about.

yabadaba site profile image  

8/17/09 7:32 AM by yabadaba

Marloes is a good fighter but it would be better to put one of the women who beat her in against Cyborg. The choices are Roxy (too small), Cindy (too green) and Erin (just right).

David Weiß site profile image  

8/17/09 3:03 AM by David Weiß

Carlos Newton was always popular.  

punchdrunkMMA site profile image  

8/17/09 2:56 AM by punchdrunkMMA

She might be 16-3 but she lost two of her last five fights (including a unanimous decision in her most recent bout which came to a chick making her professional debut). I can hardly wait to hear Roxanne Modafferi's take on this announcement...especially considering Roxanne has a win over Coenen.

bigmills008 site profile image  

8/17/09 2:22 AM by bigmills008

I trained with Marlose a lot when I lived in Holland. She is super strong and really slick. She is a big underdog, but I think she will do well. She is really cool and an awesome person also.