Gil Responds: I beat him good, there’s no way I greased


Gilbert Melendez: Mitsuhiro Ishida verbal greasing allegations are ‘weak’

    “I did not grease in the fight. The athletic commission was with me the whole time. I didn’t bring any grease with me. I didn’t think there was much grappling in the fight anyway…. It’s kind of funny, but kind of weak. I beat him good and there’s no way I greased.”

Strikeforce Interim Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez responds to claims from Mitsuhiro Ishida’s camp that he applied a greasing agent prior to their rematch at Strikeforce: “Carano vs. Cyborg” this past weekend. “El Nino” went on to score a convincing third round technical knockout via strikes in a one-sided bout, which was quite a contrast to their first encounter that “Endless Fighter” took via unanimous decision back in 2007, using a gameplan that relied on relentless takedowns. Ishida had a very difficult time getting Melendez to the mat this time around despite several efforts. Perhaps it’s the reason for the verbal grease claim. Keep in mind that a formal written complaint has yet to be filed with the California State Athletic Commission. Ishida and his handlers, if they’re serious about the allegations, have five days to do so. And even if they do, will likely have a difficult time proving that Melendez was illegally slick. Sour grapes or slippery snake?

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siouxNYC site profile image  

8/18/09 2:31 PM by siouxNYC 

TheThrill site profile image  

8/18/09 2:26 PM by TheThrill

notice before that he specifically said I DID NOT GREASE

Sick Ducker site profile image  

8/18/09 1:24 PM by Sick Ducker

Notice he said that he specifically said he didn't bring any grease with him.

2JupitersTooMany site profile image  

8/18/09 1:22 PM by 2JupitersTooMany

"Grease" is the new "eye poke"

voorhees site profile image  

8/18/09 1:21 PM by voorhees


Deus ex Machida site profile image  

8/18/09 6:09 AM by Deus ex Machida


voorhees site profile image  

8/18/09 3:59 AM by voorhees

The only time Gil cheated was when he kept hitting Ishida in the throat w/forearm strikes and making it look like they were repeated choke attempts @the end.That was BS!

Ew0k187 site profile image  

8/18/09 3:51 AM by Ew0k187


MolsonMuscles site profile image  

8/18/09 3:15 AM by MolsonMuscles

He needs to quit being such a crybaby, stop with the endless excuses, admit he got thoroughly dominated and hop on the next flight back to Hawa... er, Japan.

asscobra site profile image  

8/18/09 1:56 AM by asscobra

 he didn't grease, he's just very mexican