Chuck Liddell to dance with Anna Trebunskaya


Chuck Liddell's Dance Partner: This Russian Chick

Looking back now, it's hard to believe there was a time when we thought that continuing to fight in the UFC was the worst thing Chuck Liddell could do for his long-term health and career legacy.  Then he decided to join a televised dance contest with a bunch of "celebrities" and a disgraced former congressman, and suddenly we find ourselves wishing that he'd just come back and get hit in the head over and over again instead.

According to ET Online, "The Iceman" has been partnered with Russian professional ballroom dancer [ed note: that's a real thing?!] Anna Trebunskaya for the upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars."  Her previous partners on the show include NFL legend Jerry Rice, and actor Steve Guttenberg, who you might remember from such decades as the 1980's.  Following in Guttenberg's dancing shoes won't be easy -- dude was in "Police Academy" and "Short Circuit" -- but if there's anyone willing to sort of give it a shot in between text messages, it's Liddell.

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RyPuhnie site profile image  

8/21/09 3:29 PM by RyPuhnie

the hottest will always be edyta, but new school Kym Johnson aint too bad.

Roger AK47 site profile image  

8/21/09 2:33 PM by Roger AK47

Not a bad one to get paired up with. Married. I bet Chuck ends up tagging her.

Leghound site profile image  

8/21/09 11:56 AM by Leghound

THIS times eleventy million

tmr site profile image  

8/21/09 11:55 AM by tmr

  figured it's necessary

BuddyRevell site profile image  

8/21/09 11:51 AM by BuddyRevell


TPhenom01 site profile image  

8/21/09 11:49 AM by TPhenom01

I'd vote you the f up if I could. That comment couldn't have possibly been more accurate.

Fredrico site profile image  

8/21/09 11:42 AM by Fredrico

Anyone calling what Chuck is doing gay should consider dancing with hot russian women is better than rolling around with men.

Combat Vette site profile image  

8/21/09 11:38 AM by Combat Vette


jqvwxyz site profile image  

8/21/09 11:36 AM by jqvwxyz

Chuck's just doing this to improve his footwork and speed. Just wait till he comes back to the octagon after this. Everyone will be blown away, including Machida as ol' chuck "dances" around him with grace and fluidity never though possible.So fuck that writer for shitting on Chuck like this is a bad thing for him. Honestly I've never seen the show, but that writer can shove it up his ass.

LukeCranson site profile image  

8/21/09 11:11 AM by LukeCranson

good move for Chuck ... shows his versatility