Donald Cerrone Talks Jamie Varner, The TapouT House, More

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On The TapouT House: "We have the TapouT house going right now. The house we're in is five bedrooms, so there's plenty of room. But the house that I'm buying has an actual casita on it, which is two bedrooms with a giant living area, kitchen, washroom, laundry, everything for the guys to come out. So it's actually their own private house."

On His Goals With The TapouT House : "We're hoping they can come down and see what it's like to train with a world-class team, see what it's like to train alongside with me while I'm training for a title fight. Leonard is fighting in the WEC as well, so see what it's like to live and train in the everyday life of what we do – maybe open their eyes to say, 'This is what I'm doing wrong,' or 'This is what I need to do right,' or 'They're doing everything wrong, and I do it better on my own.' (We're) just trying to get people to come down, and hopefully Greg will be like, 'Yeah, I like this guy. Why don't you stick around and join the team?'"

On Jamie Varner: "As far as Jamie Varner as a fighter, I respect the [expletive] out of the guy. He's a good fighter, a great fighter. As far as Jamie Varner as a person, I don't respect him at all. I don't have anything bad to say about his fight game. I think he's a game dude, and he's an awesome fighter. But when it comes to him running his mouth after? How he exited that fight is nothing but his own, so he can't point the finger and blame me. At UFC 101, we had some words. I got him alone in a back room. [Expletive] was about to go down. The things I said to him as a man, I can't believe you would stand there and take it. But, he did. I just think he's trying to dodge me. I think he wants to keep fighting and do it, I just don't think he wants to do it with me."

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jjj2121 site profile image  

8/27/09 12:35 PM by jjj2121

Why would Varner be avoiding Cerrone? Varner won the first fight decisively.

savage animal site profile image  

8/27/09 12:33 PM by savage animal

listening to this episodeof junkieradio right now, just heard Cerrone's call  If I recall correctly, Varner's injury was proven legit. Cerrone acts like a meathead backstage at UFC 101 talking trash and VARNER IS THE PUNK? I was pulling for Cerrone until this interview, now pulling for Varner.

Poindexter site profile image  

8/26/09 12:10 AM by Poindexter

I like Cerrone, but if your game plan is to be repeatedly rocked and knocked on your ass by a smaller fighter then you got a short career ahead of you. Also, saying you aren't a fan of MMA makes the average fan want to see your skull caved in. Join the fucking rodeo if that's where your ambitions are. He's a tough MF'r, but his brain cells are exiting at a rapid rate.

Marion Cobretti site profile image  

8/25/09 11:41 PM by Marion Cobretti

Cerrone is on of my favorite fighters.. he is a stud and should be in the UFC very shortly..

THP site profile image  

8/25/09 11:38 PM by THP

Donald Cerrone shows up in a cowboy hat acting like a hillbilly who wants to pick fights outside the cage.Jamie Varner shows up in a suit and avoids the confrontation.Apparently Jamie is "dodging" Cerrone. Cerrone could take some notes from Varner on fight professionalism. MMA isn't about picking fights outside the cage. It's all about entertaining the fans and getting paid to do it.

Roger AK47 site profile image  

8/25/09 10:50 PM by Roger AK47

These dressing room stories. Like Crazy Horse vs. Chute Boxe. Maybe Varner didn't want to piss off Dana by acting an ass and throwing down the rematch in a fucking back room of UFC 101. Been awhile since I seen the fight. Good battle. Both are good fighters. They'll settle it.

obi1 site profile image  

8/25/09 10:08 PM by obi1

I cant wait for this rematch... This is going to be dopeness! War COWBOY!

Southpaw'd site profile image  

8/25/09 8:57 PM by Southpaw'd

Cerrone is wrong about Varner dodging him. The rematch will be epic/

jaseprobst site profile image  

8/25/09 6:27 PM by jaseprobst

Their fight was amazing, and I hope to see them again soon.

BryanHamper site profile image  

8/25/09 4:09 PM by BryanHamper

Click a different thread then, by you replying it just moves it back to the top.