A Long Night Ahead for Soszynski?

by Chris Palmquist | source: ufc.com

Krzysztof Soszynski responds to Vera's prediction a long night with a renewed focus on conditioning for Saturday night's fight:

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AmericanSoldier site profile image  

8/26/09 11:38 AM by AmericanSoldier

Krystof all day by TKO

ibblazed site profile image  

8/26/09 11:27 AM by ibblazed

This fight's 50/50 for me.Not sure why everyone's selling Krystof so short. He's at least got a puncher's chance... and it's not like Vera's been that impressive in his last few fights.

BigSleep site profile image  

8/26/09 7:07 AM by BigSleep

canadian vampire. which i guess makes me one of them gay vampires.

CRE site profile image  

8/26/09 6:07 AM by CRE

got a buddy flying in today, up early :pSurprisingly very excited for UFC 102Vera takes him out impressively


8/26/09 5:59 AM by K-Dub-"T"

 West Coast Vampire bitches!

KhunMaiMeeSamong site profile image  

8/26/09 5:52 AM by KhunMaiMeeSamong

 how about mid day south east asianers?

Chris site profile image  

8/26/09 5:32 AM by Chris

 so are you guys late west coasters or early east coasters? I'm not usually up this early on the east coast.

PembrokePinesVillain site profile image  

8/26/09 5:21 AM by PembrokePinesVillain

 if kryst even goes for takedowns hes gonna win this fight. otherwise he will prolly lose

BigSleep site profile image  

8/26/09 5:21 AM by BigSleep

yeah, i like Krzysztof but this is a terrible matchup for him. it's hard to picture him having an advantage anywhere this fight goes.