Chris Tuchscherer shows commendable "heart" in UFC Debut

by Dallas Winston | source: thegarv

Chris Tuchscherer Shows Commendable Heart in UFC Debut

There have been many inspirational examples of fighters showing a tremendous amount of heart, exemplifying the oft-referenced “warrior spirit” exuded by such MMA greats as Yuki Nakai, Kazushi Sakuraba, and Javi Vasquez (see Crane vs. Vasquez if curious at the inclusion of the latter).

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Minnesota Mixed Martial Arts fighter Chris Tuchscherer to the list.

You may or may not have read about the events and outcome of his UFC debut against Gabriel Gonzaga, a gorilla-chested BJJ black belt with striking skills sufficient enough to crumble one of the top knockout artists in MMA in Mirko CroCop, and the man one could label the fang-bearing packleader of the proverbial wolves that many speculated Tuchscherer was being thrown to for his first big fight in the octagon.

In the opening moments of the bout, Gonzaga, with the intention of an inside leg kick, swiveled a powerful left kick dead-center into the groin of Tuchscherer, accented by a loud, cracking noise of foot-to-cup that may have shattered any china dinnerware sets within audible distance.  Tuchscherer obviously experienced the delay in pain commonly associated with absorbing a blow of large force to the testicles, known well by all males as the gut wrenching “calm before the storm”, as he continued fighting for a moment until the first waves of agony hit him, then he motioned to the ref before being reduced to writhing in pain on the octagon floor and vomiting into a bucket.

Goldberg and Rogan had written Tuchscherer off due to the severity of the injury, and were literally astounded when Tuchscherer replaced his mouthpiece with the intent to continue fighting after gritting his teeth through the allotted five-minute respite time.  For reference, I’ve taken several days off of work for even the slightest graze to this sensitive area, and Tuchscherer was ready to launch himself back into a full-contact, professional mixed martial arts fight with a top 10 HW after only five minutes.

As if this wasn’t enough to earn your admiration, Gonzaga treated Tuchscherer to a brutal left high-kick to the face, once again dropping him to the canvas after only a few seconds of action.  This was the same kick (opposite leg) that nearly put CroCop into a coma, and I was surprised that Tuchscherer was not only still conscious, but fighting with all of his might to snare a leg and stand back up.  Gonzaga took advantage of the stunned fighter by peppering him with elbows before attaining the mount, where he landed a full force forearm to the face, which caused Tuchscherer to roll to his back.  Gonzaga began to sink in the choke to cries from Rogan and Goldberg that the fight would soon once again be over, but the dynamic duo ate their words for the second time as Tuchscherer fought off the choke while taking several left hands in the process.

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Uncle Justice site profile image  

9/2/09 4:11 PM by Uncle Justice

 Being a lifetime basketball player, his reaction is pretty much standard procedure. Seriously though, legit LOL @ "he up-elbowed me in the sack".

StLouisMMA site profile image  

9/1/09 4:22 PM by StLouisMMA

 I knocked a dude down in a basketball game unintentionally. When I went over to help him up he up-elbowed me in the sack from his kneeling position. It was lights out for me. That was the worst pain ever.

Uncle Justice site profile image  

9/1/09 2:28 PM by Uncle Justice

 I've never seen that, but I'm a huge Rollins fan.  I saw him with "Da Lench Mob" and The Beastie Boys (what a strange conglomeration of fans that one drew) and with Helmet and Sausage on top of a parking ramp. They were two of the most memorable concerts I ever attended.

Anarkis2 site profile image  

9/1/09 10:59 AM by Anarkis2

The fight should have been a NC. Stupid for him to keep fighting.

GMan99 site profile image  

9/1/09 10:30 AM by GMan99

On his TV show for Showtime, Henry Rollins had a hilarious animated story of being kicked in the nuts by his nephew. His description of the delay -- wondering if you dodged the bullet -- followed by the waves of agony had me rolling on the floor with laughter and holding my own scrotum in response!

undericeking site profile image  

9/1/09 9:44 AM by undericeking

Damn straight that was a bitch move...Gonzaga was probably just pissed Chris ate that nut shot and the shin to the teeth and wasn't out yet, and then to pose in front of the camera after the fight?? Come on, GG should have been as humble as Gegard "MOOSEASSEE" after he knocked out Renato...

jahmon site profile image  

9/1/09 9:40 AM by jahmon

I didn't notice that...I was most likely still covering my face making weird noises after the nutt shot heard around the world.

TUFF-N-UFF site profile image  

9/1/09 9:15 AM by TUFF-N-UFF

 I just watched the fight for the first time yesterday. Did anyone else think when Gonzaga stood up towards the end, it looked like he was letting Chris up but instead he threw a nasty left. Did anyone else think that was kind of a cheap shot?

HaMMerHouseFAN site profile image  

9/1/09 8:54 AM by HaMMerHouseFAN

And you call yourself a hockey player? You shouldn't have missed a line...