UFC 103 In-depth preview

by Chris Palmquist | source: ufc.com

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NHB USA site profile image  

9/4/09 6:39 PM by NHB USA

so is Swick/Kampann off the card now??? WTF

Zedlepln site profile image  

9/3/09 3:57 PM by Zedlepln

Ya, I was wondering if that was one of the "terms" for letting them back into good graces.

DannyOcean site profile image  

9/3/09 3:54 PM by DannyOcean

Also, for not having a championship main event, this is a really solid card. Rich vs. VitorCro Cop vs. Dos SantosSwick vs. Kampmannall three good fights and also should be very good stylistically, in my opinion. AlsoKoscheck/TriggEfrain Escudero vs. Cole MillerReturn of the Janitor, Vladdy Matyushenkolooking forward to this one.

DannyOcean site profile image  

9/3/09 3:50 PM by DannyOcean

lol smoogy just gained 10 cool points in my book.  I lol'd hard for some reason.

smoogy site profile image  

9/3/09 3:34 PM by smoogy

He rarely makes himself available to the media. Maybe that is  why pencil necks like Kevin Iole and Ariel Helwani feel the need to question his manhood and call him a "disgrace", they're just butthurt because he won't talk to them.

mkou site profile image  

9/3/09 3:27 PM by mkou

No interview from Mirko. He doesn't like doing them or what's the case? In the Pride DVD.s I have, there's never a prefight interview from him.

RickStorm site profile image  

9/3/09 3:19 PM by RickStorm

 Funny to see UFC with Affliction footage

smoogy site profile image  

9/3/09 3:18 PM by smoogy

Why does "UG News" post promo material? Isn't that Card's job?

DW site profile image  

9/3/09 3:17 PM by DW

 Dana loves talking about Lindland getting KTFO.

bjjboxer site profile image  

9/3/09 3:10 PM by bjjboxer

TTT Nice !!!!!!!!