Jake Shields: Mayhem won't sign

source: cagepotato

Your next fight will be against Jake Shields in Strikeforce. Have they told you exactly when and where that will be?
No man, I don’t know if it’s gonna happen, where it’s gonna happen, or when it’s gonna happen. Honestly, I know nothing. They keep me in the dark. I may be a bonafide TV star, but that doesn’t really have any pull in the knowing-when-you’re-gonna-fight business. The only thing they told me is that it would be for an interim belt.

Jake's a really talented dude. By my calculations, he's one of the ten best fighters in the world right now. How do you plan on dealing with him?
Dude, I will beat the piss out of Jake Shields, and he knows it. If everyone thinks I’m gonna lose, that’s fine. I’ll prove them wrong when we get in the cage against each other. I do everything better than him, and I’m bigger than him and stronger than him! I don’t understand, people think that because he stomped out some 170-pounders and caught Robbie Lawler in a damn guillotine, that all of a sudden he’s the second coming of Christ. Well guess what, dude? I’m gonna smash him. When I fight him, I’ll smash him.

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Jake Shields Responds to 'Mayhem' Miller
He'll beat the piss out of me..? He's the one that won't sign the contract. I would sign that fight tonight but he just wants to talk and act tough, but he's the one that won't sign. His manager tells us the fight is on, Miller has agreed and then I'm hearing he's decided he can't fight in October but would maybe do it in December.

He thinks he's a star now but just like the show I was the only one doing the fighting while he just did the talking. He must think he's Cung Le now.    


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Charlie Waffles site profile image  

9/4/09 5:19 PM by Charlie Waffles

I have met both guys and they were both very cool to me so I really don't have a bias either way. Jason is definitely the bigger of the two and I would say by quite a bit too. I am 6'2", 205 and Miller looked bigger than me at the time.That being said I think Shields takes this by a close decision. Better competetion more activity gives him the advantage in my opinion. But it really could go either way.

RustyNailz7 site profile image  

9/4/09 3:36 PM by RustyNailz7

If I remember correctly not too many people thought Shields had a chance against Lawler either.Kind of hard to take Mayhem seriously. The guy acts like a tool every time he has a camera on him

TheThrill site profile image  

9/4/09 3:15 PM by TheThrill

is this shit goin down yet or are both sides still waitin on the other?

JIMMYNAKS site profile image  

9/4/09 3:09 PM by JIMMYNAKS

The shit talk and cage storming from Diaz will be epic after Mayhem beats the p*ss out of Shields.

jello site profile image  

9/4/09 2:39 PM by jello


The Marvelous One site profile image  

9/4/09 1:56 PM by The Marvelous One

lmNao!! this dude is delusional! b00b alert!!!

Diego stole my name site profile image  

9/4/09 1:53 PM by Diego stole my name

"Jake's wrestling is terrible."Damn he should throw out all those wrestling trophies!!

BrutalMedic site profile image  

9/4/09 1:46 PM by BrutalMedic

A bullybeatdown noob?A boob?

thePostman site profile image  

9/4/09 12:38 PM by thePostman

There is no way Jake Shield could be Jason Miller. Mayhem is way to tough and can take a beating. Shields isnt as good on the ground as Mayhem either granted Mayhem hasn't fought too regularly lately nor has Shields for that matter Mayhem would school Shields.

CRE site profile image  

9/2/09 5:40 PM by CRE

Well I also think Mayhem hasn't peaked as a fighter either so it's difficult to say what we will see for sure, he might be busting grapes and shit now. Does seem to be a strong guy right now in particular looks to be in top shape, but so does Shields at this point in his career. It's a fight that sets up Diaz/Mayhem potentially as well which would be spectacular.But all the fighting intangibles I give to Shields, so we will see how he pulls off a magnificient sleeping.