Jacare: I am ready to smash Shields

source: adcombat

"I just  read Jake Shields interview on mmaweekly.com  and I would like to make a statement saying that I am more than ready to step up and smash Shields. I think Jake Shields ground  game  is overrated and I will be more then glad to end his win streak and take his belt away. So Jake, you talk the talk, but can you walk the walk, if you can, let’s do it, I accept the fight against you right now. So what's it gonna be. "

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32Hunter site profile image  

9/6/09 8:20 PM by 32Hunter

jacare needs to quit runnin' from Mayhem before he fights anyone else, he has unfinished business to attend to.

KingPedro site profile image  

9/6/09 8:02 PM by KingPedro

Jake @ 185 is due to Strikeforce having a terribly weak roster of fighters - When he goes to the UFC he will be at 170 where he belongs --Jacare is not a good match up for Jake IMO - And he is weak for calling out a welterweight -

HI KKM site profile image  

9/6/09 7:45 PM by HI KKM

 LOL @ Jacare trolling IRL

FistoftheNorthStar site profile image  

9/6/09 7:42 PM by FistoftheNorthStar

jacare. decision.

NarlyPersianDude site profile image  

9/6/09 7:17 PM by NarlyPersianDude

Remember me, tell you guys on FightMatrix a year ago about this guy. Even then, I had him as top 10. And hes got a cool nickname, Jacare.Commend

ChokeEmOut site profile image  

9/6/09 7:14 PM by ChokeEmOut

 I pick Jacare against both of those guys.

ChokeEmOut site profile image  

9/6/09 7:14 PM by ChokeEmOut

 Shields has no hands whatsoever.

Stunt man Mike site profile image  

9/6/09 7:10 PM by Stunt man Mike

I think Jacare is going to be a beast in any org. He's striking looks better every fight and his skills on the ground are second to none. I def think he and Mousasi are the closest to Anderson at Middleweight

Southpaw'd site profile image  

9/5/09 12:03 AM by Southpaw'd

I see submission victories in Jacare's future. Wierd.