Dan Miller out, Jay Silva in v CB Dollaway at UFN 19

source: mmamadness

Dan Miller pulls out of UFN 19, Dollaway to Face UFC Newcomer Jay Silva

Dan Miller had to pull out of his upcoming UFN 19 fight with CB Dollaway, after it was discovered an infection was discovered on Miller, MMA Madness has learned.

An opponent has already been brought in to replace Miller, Dollaway (8-2) will be taking on Jay Silva (5-0), a newcomer looking to make a splash in his UFC debut.

Dollaway is looking to rebound, following his loss to Tom Lawlor at UFC 100.

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NHB USA site profile image  

9/9/09 6:36 PM by NHB USA

 I'm rooting for Jay in this fight.  CB was not as promising as he was hyped up to be.

THP site profile image  

9/9/09 4:59 AM by THP

Like Jason said, Dollaway should run through this guy. People underestimate CB's style because he's a baby in submission defense right now. He will keep evolving and eventually everyone will be caught in his same hold from the turtle position getting pounded into oblivion.You guys act like losing to Tom Lawler is something to be ashamed of.

Nanook site profile image  

9/9/09 2:43 AM by Nanook

One of those 2 losses to Amir don't count because it was technically an exhibition bout. If you wanna count those fights, may as well make mention of how he beat Crazy Tim, Nick Klein, Cale Yarborough and David Baggett before losing to Amir in a fight that on paper, he was well on his way to winning decisively before he got armbarred. If we're measuring CB's actual record, he's 2-2 in his last 4. With the way Jesse Taylor's fought lately, I think that win deserves a little bit of credit, as does his win over Massenzio, "fake tap" or not. Dollaway's not "all that", but he's a hell of a lot better than he's given credit for.

NHB USA site profile image  

9/8/09 11:06 PM by NHB USA


KenP site profile image  

9/8/09 2:02 PM by KenP

FYI Ray the Call to Arms opponent is solid.  Has some big wins.

KenP site profile image  

9/8/09 1:55 PM by KenP

lol... getting called out then pandering to your accuser.  Dude finish patting yourself on the back and get back in the shadows already.  Mo gets it, it is entertainment.  

TheComish site profile image  

9/8/09 1:43 PM by TheComish

You don't have to go that far.  Ray isn't a push over fighter by any stretch of the imagination.  Jay is a talented strong fighter, and I hope that he does well at the next level.  

KingMo site profile image  

9/8/09 1:08 PM by KingMo

 On top of that, the crowd thinks I showboat....Im havin fun tho....He is havin fun to...

KingMo site profile image  

9/8/09 1:07 PM by KingMo

 Naw bro....MMA is a sport...Not True Martial Arts...As long as the guys are havin fun....Do it really matter??? He did his thang his last fight and the opponent shook his hand....After the fight, all ends...He is a nice guy...What does it matter if he showboats??? As long as he goes out there and puts it on the line is all that matters to me....He trained hard for the fight, so if he wanted do a lil showboatin....I call it havin fun, what does it matter....Genki Sudo did it his whole career....He is a young kid havin fun....

nastarovya site profile image  

9/8/09 12:33 PM by nastarovya

sh!t ... i wanna see millerETA?