Michael Bisping to come 'guns blazing' at UFC 105

by jay@mmaunltd.com | source: mmaunltd.com

The UFC's official announcement regarding bouts and tickets for UFC 105 came today and with it Michael Bisping's thoughts on his opponent for the event, Denis Kang.

Kang (32-11) is a seasoned veteran and BJJ black belt and Bisping (18-2) had a lot of positive things to say about his prospective adversary.

“I’ve watched Kang’s fights over the years and he is very dangerous on the ground with his submissions and is also a powerful striker on his feet," stated Bisping, assessing his foes strengths. "Another thing I’ve noticed is that he never seems to gas in his fights. Going into a fight I can usually plan a strategy and rely on the fact that I will be fresher in the last round than my opponent. However, with Kang I can’t count on that. He’s a great athlete on top of everything else and this could be a very fast-paced fight from start to finish.”

Keen to get back to winning ways following his last performance against Dan Henderson at UFC 100, Bisping believes Kang is the perfect opponent to to prove he belongs in the upper echelons of the middleweight division.

“Kang is a very good fighter and one of the best in the division,” said Bisping. “This is exactly the sort of fight I need to get right back up there and prove that I’m one of the top guys in the division."

More important than anything, however, Bisping wants to prove he is still the exciting fighter that won him The Ultimate Fighter crown and kept him undefeated for so long.

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KhunMaiMeeSamong site profile image  

9/9/09 8:52 AM by KhunMaiMeeSamong

 i don't like bisping, or any supposed "fighter" for that matter that can only back pedal their way through a fight.  it's mma for fucks sake.  bisping never moves forward unless he is matched up equally, for example a KOTC reject. 

TapoutT1978 site profile image  

9/9/09 8:45 AM by TapoutT1978

If 'all guns blazing' means 'both feet a-runnin' then I guess that's what we'll see.

MMAunltd site profile image  

9/9/09 6:49 AM by MMAunltd

I sensed the tone, not that difficult! I won't go back into it BUT Mike saying the UFC did try and arrange the bout but Wanderlei's surgery meaning it couldn't happen is hardly getting proved wrong although I admit it may have been a bit hasty. I've accepted it. But yeah, I still look good. In the flesh. Naked....   

Bisping Fan site profile image  

9/9/09 6:14 AM by Bisping Fan

It just confuses me why guys like Bisping are hated? People say he's cocky and arrogant and a douchebag?So who do you guys like? GSP? Machida? Nog?It's funny that the fans that respect the so called "respectful fighters" never actually come across as respectful people themselves.

story97 site profile image  

9/9/09 6:09 AM by story97

yes because that uncolored sketch probably took 10 minutes.But you're cool. You don't have that kind of time to waste.

HendosToyinExplodingBoy site profile image  

9/9/09 6:06 AM by HendosToyinExplodingBoy

Whoever drew that (was it solidsnake if I remember?) has wayyy too much time on their hands.

10thplanetzombie site profile image  

9/9/09 5:39 AM by 10thplanetzombie


story97 site profile image  

9/9/09 5:23 AM by story97

I said you displease me? please point that out? I just mentioned that your credibility is only as good as the sources you use. Knowing that, you used the worst source, got proved wrong, and look bad.I'm sorry i displease you for pointing it out :)

RabbiVJ site profile image  

9/9/09 5:16 AM by RabbiVJ

 or subbed...

MMAunltd site profile image  

9/9/09 4:36 AM by MMAunltd

Can't see that happening ^ I'm sure mike will have worked on his movement and defense after walking into Hendo's big right hand.