Jon Jones vs. Matt Hamill?


UFC fan favorites Matt Hamill & Jon Jones have agreed to do battle December 5th.

Hamill was supposed to fight Brandon Vera at UFC 102, but suffered a knee injury that forced him to pull out of the bout.

Jones recently signed a new deal with the UFC, and has yet to suffer defeat.

Both camps have verbally agreed and are awaiting the bout agreement.

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Recent Comments »

Uchi site profile image  

9/10/09 6:01 PM by Uchi

Should be a great fight. I'm with the crowd that thinks Jones takes this if he can keep his distance. I don't think we will see Jones tossing Hamill in this fight though, and will likely end up on his back and Matt gets ahold of him.

muhsin site profile image  

9/10/09 5:56 PM by muhsin

Jones by highlight reel KO!!!

Philip Graves site profile image  

9/10/09 5:37 PM by Philip Graves

I think Bones picks apart Matt on the feet at a distance, and keeps moving enough to make the TD difficult.

stevekt site profile image  

9/10/09 3:29 PM by stevekt

Deaf Guy vs Def Guy

TheVileOne site profile image  

9/10/09 3:22 PM by TheVileOne

Hammill = gatekeeper.Jones = future champion.

Halz site profile image  

9/10/09 3:19 PM by Halz

 I think that Hammil outstruck Bisping. 

1st Rnd KO site profile image  

9/10/09 1:22 AM by 1st Rnd KO

This is a great fight for Hamill. Wrestling will be a draw, but Hamill will take any standup. Matt has improved immensely, and I kow Timmy Green, his boxing coach has him working hard. Hamill by serious beatdown.If I was a MMA fighter looking to improve my striking (striking only) I would contact Tim. The guy will get you where you need to be.

NarlyPersianDude site profile image  

9/10/09 12:25 AM by NarlyPersianDude

Most correct assesment of this fight. Both are great wrestlers, I dont see either doing much to the other in that part. But yes Hamill has the power, but Jones is so much more athletic and faster, I think Jones will get a obvious decision, or even a ko. Some of you dont really critically think. The only person Hamill really beat up on the feet is Mark Munoz, how does Matt Hamill doing that to Munoz mean anything against Jones. Jon is so much speedier and better at defense. Matt Hamill has yet beat anyone in the upper level of lightheavy. Jon Jones may not have beaten A level fighters yet, but Stephen and Jake are two very solid B level fighters, and Jones looked terrific against them. As long as Jones does not get stupid and fight an inside game, hes winning this.

Subutai site profile image  

9/10/09 12:14 AM by Subutai

It's a matter of opinion..In my opinion his wrestling has never been impressive in his UFC career while Jon Jones has been very impressive. Not only have I not seen much in the way of takedowns but once his opponent is down they get right back up or he lets them up.As to someone claiming Hamill has good striking, you must be out of your mind..He pushes his punches, leaves his chin out to get caught and never defends kicks.

Nanook site profile image  

9/9/09 10:34 PM by Nanook

Still haven't had anyone try and explain this to us.How is Jones "far superior" to Hammill in wrestling?