Eddie Bravo: I'm sick of Royler ducking me

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Now, if you haven't spoke to Eddie previously then let me tell you that once you have broken the ice and introduced a subject that he is passionate about, he is away - like a kid on Christmas morning fueled by Red Bull! Eddie is quick to talk not only about the things that he is interested in but the things you want to know. At the mere mention of Royler Gracie he opens up.

“I’m sick of him ducking me man! Every interview I do I’m going ‘I want Royler again, I want that fight’. I keep giving him an open invitation to another match but I hear nothing. It’s the only match I’m interested in doing. I will get back into a camp, cut to 145Ibs, do all the cardio and eat right to make sure I’m in the right shape for that fight. I've done all my competing now and it’s the last thing I want to do, hell I would even do MMA with Royler.”

I have a mini stroke. ‘Would you seriously get in the cage with him in full MMA rules?’

“Hell yeah, for me it would kill two birds with one stone. One bird is obviously the rematch with Royler while the other is proving that 10th Planet works within MMA. I want this rematch. I want to make it happen.”

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Recent Comments »

Sagiv's MOD slave site profile image  

9/13/09 7:07 PM by Sagiv's MOD slave

 No. When I trained with him a year or so ago I was 240 and he was 220 tops. He's alot closer to your weight than you think. I'll take CUO for a thousand . ($1,000.00)

macbjj site profile image  

9/11/09 4:01 PM by macbjj

What are you guys talking about? GSP is light-years ahead of Hardy.I like Hardy. I think he has a good future in the UFC WW Division but GSP is on a different level with his athleticism, game plan execution and overall skill in each aspect of the game.Dan has better hands in the sence that he has great knockout power and he has that as his primary strength so he gets mad knockouts. But GSP knows how to use his hands but just doesn't rely on them.....against a guy like Hardy, he wouldn't box him the whole time.....GSP might try to show he can box with him for a bit but he'll just take the quickest way to victory.Hardy has at least 3 more fights before he can be considered a title contender. GSP might not even be around anymore.

jjmtg site profile image  

9/11/09 3:11 PM by jjmtg

I think if anyone wanted to fight any Gracie, all you got to do is show up at a seminar, call them out, slap their face and its on like donkey kong.

zunk1 site profile image  

9/11/09 2:56 PM by zunk1

CUO will tie your prostate in knots.

CRE site profile image  

9/11/09 2:25 PM by CRE

Don't be scared homie

CRE site profile image  

9/11/09 2:22 PM by CRE

only because I walk around 60 lbs lighter than him..If we were the same weight, his technical ability and skill would be negated by bucking bronco power.He's like 245 and I am walking at 187Once again I will fight him at Heavyweight and I don't care if he will tie me up in a knot in a minute I want to see it.Let me know when you have a promoter and a ready and willing Brent.

asscobra site profile image  

9/11/09 2:11 PM by asscobra

 What's Eddies MMA record? Roylers isnt that impressive, but at least he has experience. Royler would destroy Eddie.

Rollo Goodlove site profile image  

9/10/09 1:35 PM by Rollo Goodlove

Eddie is still trying to ride on a little wave he made 6 years ago...

Boldar site profile image  

9/10/09 12:52 PM by Boldar

Almost seems like Bravo/MMAUnltd trolled us with this thread.  Funny either way, but would definitely like to see a rematch.

2JupitersTooMany site profile image  

9/10/09 12:47 PM by 2JupitersTooMany

How is CUO's standup? CRE is lanky and cranky. He's got pop in both hands. For it to even get to the light rolling and penis touching phase, he'd have to dodge at least an initial flurried driveby of two runaway meat wagons.