Satoshi Ishii to make MMA debut against Hidehiko Yoshida

by Chris Nelson | source:

Sengoku still doesn't have a date set for its New Year event, but it's certainly got a headliner. World Victory Road have announced today that 2008 Beijing Olympic judoka Satoshi Ishii will make his MMA debut against fellow gold medalist and former PRIDE fighter Hidehiko Yoshida (8-7-1).

The heavyweight bout is expected to take place on either December 31st or January 3rd, depending on whether WVR chooses to go head-to-head with DREAM parent company FEG's annual New Year's Eve "Dynamite!!" show. The company says a decision will be made at some point this month.

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Naughty Gorilla site profile image  

9/16/09 11:06 AM by Naughty Gorilla

Yoshi always seemed like a cool guy and he proved himself in that fight with Wanderlei. He'll get wrecked in this though"Why is anyone at all excited about seeing Yoshida?Ishii, I understand. But Yoshida? Really?"

Dawkins site profile image  

9/16/09 10:49 AM by Dawkins

Why did my post get deleted?

CRBMoney14 site profile image  

9/16/09 3:53 AM by CRBMoney14

Aoki, Akiyama, Karo, Fedor, Filho have Judo backgrounds.But its more that hes been to many major camps, has a gold medal and hes only 22

Wasa-B site profile image  

9/16/09 12:25 AM by Wasa-B

Which one is excited about Yoshida?

uniqueid09 site profile image  

9/16/09 12:07 AM by uniqueid09

Since when did Judo players have a history fo being great prospects in MMA. If anything, the exact opposite is true.Judo players are generally the most ill-prepared when it comes to MMA, because they don't have an MMA heritage.

CRBMoney14 site profile image  

9/15/09 5:35 PM by CRBMoney14

did you read the thread becuase nobodys excited for Yoshida, but its a suitable opponent for one of the most intriguing prospects perhaps ever

8481418 site profile image  

9/15/09 5:30 PM by 8481418

You have no idea what you're talking about.Sakuraba x Kimo fight took place in the pro-wrestling organization (UWFI, W stands for pro"W"restling). Back then(1994), the only Japanese MMA organization that existed was Shooto. Speaking of UWFI, I often hear people saying that Sakuraba's fights with Tamura were fixed. I don't care because I don't consider those matches MMA. But if you ask me, I think they were not pre-determinded.

Thunderlips The Ultimate Male site profile image  

9/15/09 4:49 PM by Thunderlips The Ultimate Male

Yoshida will play the role of an old famous pro wrestler brought in to put the new draw over in a big match.

Altofsky site profile image  

9/15/09 4:48 PM by Altofsky

Why is anyone at all excited about seeing Yoshida? Ishii, I understand. But Yoshida? Really?

CRBMoney14 site profile image  

9/15/09 4:24 PM by CRBMoney14

"Who can forget Yoshida's snake choke on Don Frye? I still think that he fudged the ending on the Satake fight. He was even reprimanded by PRIDE for not putting on a better "show."Yoshida/Frye was a work come on now, if it was a work I think Frye wouldve tapped a bit sooner.The Satake fight was in Inoki so how did Pride reprimand him?