Court testimony: Mask not racing

by Reed Harris | source: The UG

I know theres been some comments about racing etc.  I for obvious reasons have been following the hearing....heres an excerpt from testimony at the last hearing....

The driver responsible for accident tried to plea for lesser charges, he was denied.

from hearing...

Newport Beach Officer Todd Hughes testified that "Kirby admitted to driving his Porsche too fast and losing control of the car".

Newport Beach Officer Todd Hughes also said "Kirby, 51 said he sped his Porsche closer to Lewis’ Ferrari in order for his passenger – a woman he was taking on a date – to see the sports car".

"As he sped closer, he lost control of his car and spun 360 degrees", Hughes said.

“He stated he was driving too fast,’’ Hughes said.

Investigators have said they found receipts in Kirby's wallet that indicated he was drinking earlier that evening at two bars in San Juan Capistrano and Irvine.

The judge denied Kirby the opportunity to plead guilty to vehicular manslaughter in exchange for a lighter sentence. Deputy District Attorney Jason Baez wants Kirby to spend more than 18 years behind bars.

Kirby, who remains jailed in lieu of $500,000 bail, will next appear in court for his felony arraignment on Sept. 21.

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MisterTwo site profile image  

9/16/09 6:39 PM by MisterTwo

 The 360 chassis is aluminum, not carbon fiber.  The crumple zones on the front and rear of the car had little to no impact from the pictures of the accident that I see.  The car looks like it was ripped apart right in the middle of the passenger compartment.

rharris site profile image  

9/16/09 12:10 PM by rharris


Racer X site profile image  

9/15/09 11:08 PM by Racer X

edited 'cause I was being dickish.  

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

9/15/09 11:04 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 iirc the original police report said mask was going over 100 when he crashed. thats where i got my conclusion that he was speeding

D1M3B4G site profile image  

9/15/09 10:35 PM by D1M3B4G

 And if you take the traction control off in a 360 Modena it's actually rather easy to lose it if you don't know what you're doing and/or a jackass sideswipes you while hauling ass.

D1M3B4G site profile image  

9/15/09 10:33 PM by D1M3B4G

 A Ferrari's passenger cabin is designed to separate from the rest of the car in an accident in order to protect the passengers. This protective bubble was ripped apart and both Mask and his girl were thrown from the car, and to me that indicates some serious speed. And to the person who said it's hard to lose control of a 911...try driving it to its potential. I'm talking PSM off, suspension in sport mode, and corner it like it's meant to be cornered. I guarantee that you're part of the 90% of people who purchase a sports car and are unable to take it within 50% of its potential.

rharris site profile image  

9/15/09 11:06 AM by rharris


triangle85 site profile image  

9/15/09 11:03 AM by triangle85

RIP Mask...

Doem site profile image  

9/15/09 10:29 AM by Doem

its in this dude's best interest to say he wasnt racing. hes trying to avoid the manslaughter charge

DJ CRUSH site profile image  

9/15/09 10:17 AM by DJ CRUSH