Bustamante has moved to the USA

by Guilherme Cruz | source: tatame

Murilo Bustamante  

Former UFC champion, Murilo Bustamante moved to the United Stated to start the Brazilian Top Team’s new headquarters. Back to Brazil to watch Bitetti Combat show, Bustamante spoke with TATAME.com about his plans to the team, Rousimar Palhares’ next fight in the UFC and Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira’s victory against Randy Couture. It was one of Rodrigos’ best fight I have ever seen, definitively. Minotauro is, actually, the best heavyweight fighter in the UFC”, said Murilo, in the exclusive interview.

You moved to United States... How is everything around there?
Is everything going well, everything fine. I am with this project to expand BTT on USA. I was already doing an special work, now I am alone on BTT, with some partners investing and I am giving classes in some gyms, we are expanding there.

What did you think about the fight between Minotauro and Randy Couture on UFC 102?
It was one of Rodrigos’ best fight I have ever seen, definitively. Minotauro is, actually, the best heavyweight fighter in the UFC. He was coming from an awkward phase, wasn’t going right on his trainings, but his potential he doesn’t has to prove to anybody. He got right on trainings, and shown who he really is.

You participated of Minatauro’s preparation to fight Bob Sapp. Do you believe that is the same way to defeat Brock?
Brock Lesnar is a little bit more athlete than Bob Sapp, and he’s trying to learn Jiu-Jitsu, so I guess it’d be a fight even harder that the fight against Bob Sapp. It’ll be a fight extremely tough and he has to be well prepared to face him. I always support Brazil, but it’s hard to take a guess because is a tough fight.

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Defenestrator site profile image  

9/15/09 5:33 PM by Defenestrator

Is murillo teaching there full time now?


9/15/09 5:23 PM by K-Dub-"T"

 Busta Move!!!!!!

elgringo site profile image  

9/15/09 4:56 PM by elgringo

Busta also teaches at the Bodies in Motion gym in Santa Monica on Olympic Blvd.And the best part is he brought Darrel Gholar with him!I walk into my gym expecting to see the usual West LA cardio bunnies and dudes doing curls, instead I was shocked to see Busta, Gholar and a bunch of Brazilians with cauli ears wearing BJJ shirts.

TV site profile image  

9/15/09 4:51 PM by TV

BTW, not only is Busta a black belt at BJJ, he is definitely a black belt at BBQing:)

mr nemo site profile image  

9/15/09 4:48 PM by mr nemo

I'd agree with Nog being the most skilled hw in the UFC,Brock is a mutant, he just takes down,manhandles and pounds on his opponents with his size and strenth and wrestling, like Dan Severn did almost 100 UFCs ago. If you ask me I don't think big Nog would beat Brock,he has the tools but Brock is a monster,it's like trying to secure an ankle lock on Mighty Joe Young.

TV site profile image  

9/15/09 4:48 PM by TV

Murilo teaches mostly at the new BTT HQ in Santa Ana, CA. It's at No Limits. Juliano Prado and his guys that were training at No Limits are now part of BTT. Murilo also comes up and helps us out at BTT Long Beach, and there is also a BTT, I believe in Santa Monica area. I believe the plan is to grow BTT in the States, but rest assure, it won't get out of control huge, and the BTT atmosphere will be retained (BTT is a very close knit team, a family). For those who never had a class with Murilo, you are missing out big time. He pays great attention to details and what each student does. He will stop the class and point out mistakes and make corrections, if YOU are not getting it down. It's been a pleasure to have him here.

Mark Hunter site profile image  

9/15/09 4:40 PM by Mark Hunter

Busta's location in the States?

CRBMoney14 site profile image  

9/15/09 4:28 PM by CRBMoney14

Brazillian fighters have to be some of the most patriotic people in the world

MickColins site profile image  

9/15/09 4:24 PM by MickColins

 So, you must have glanced and missed him calling Nog the best HW in the UFC. He called Brock a mutant. That translates to me as "Nog is a better fighter but Lesnar is a shaved bear and would be hard for anyone".

Mark Hunter site profile image  

9/15/09 4:12 PM by Mark Hunter

Please tell me he'll be in the Miami area.